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Last Wednesday, Mike Moran our Chief Strategist hosted a WOMMA Webinar on Listening 2.0.  The webinar featured presentations from Mark Kovscek, Senior Vice President of the VivaKi Nerve Center and Pauline Ores, Pricipal Analyst, Social Engagement Strategy of IBM.

If you missed it, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  Below you’ll find  a the Cliff’s Notes version of the webinar, an audio recording of the session and the program slides.

Major Themes:

  • What marks a good Listening 2.0 solution?
  • How companies should use Listening 2.0?
  • Where is the future of listening technology?

What marks a solution as Listening 2.0?

What the technology and service should provide:

  • The ability analyze sentiment, particularly complex commentary such as sarcasm
  • The ability to note complex and multiple mentions of a brand within a consumer conversation
  • The ability to identify key topics and subtopics for your brand’s conversations
  • The ability to demonstrate how topics and conversations are connected to each other and to the brand
  • The ability to integrate multiple data types and imaging to create new more holistic views of the world
  • The ability to create a global and scalable methodology

How companies use should use Listening 2.0

  • Listening should be done at an enterprise level. To be effective it needs to cross over the silos of business units and lead to shared solutions
  • Commit to “being in sync” with the market – be willing to reconsider marketing approach, content development and offerings, it can be about joining and taking their lead
  • Be ready to take action, whether that is internal change or external engagement. To find ROI brands must be ready to take consumer comments to heart

Where is the future of listening technology?

  • Technological improvements in computer translations
  • Advanced tracking of message consumption and how it relates to purchase behavior
  • Predictive modeling of  conversations and conversions

Resources: Twitter commentary , Audio Download, Slide Share

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Rob Key will leading a Vocus webinar on “Monitoring the Social Media Conversation from Twitter to Facebook.” With Jenna Petroff, manager of PR for Hardee’s at 2:00 p.m.

Together they will cover:
• How to positively impact your company’s online reputation
• Monitor your online reputation – and that of your competitor’s
• Uncover potential sales opportunities for your company

You can join us for the Free Webinar Here

Secondly, Paull Young will be speaking at the Society for New Communications Research NewCommForum on Monday, April 27 2009.

He had this to say about it on his blog:

“I’ll be appearing on a panel led by Susan Getgood discussing blogger relations with a focus on my work with Converseon client Graco (who received a commendation of excellence for blogger relations in the 2008 SNCR awards).

We’re also going to cover the FTC’s proposed regulations on online testimonials & blogger outreach, while I’m planning on ranting a little bit about my concerns about the ethics and sustainability of all the blogger bribing I’m seeing out there, along with my thoughts that blogger relations shouldn’t be carried out by agencies to generate ‘coverage’ – all to often the PR 2.0 solution I see getting sold to brands.”

If you’re interested in more information about why you should attend NewCommForum09 check out Paull’s post on 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend NewCommForum.

Or you can register here and save $100 with the code SNCRFREIND.

We hope to see you soon.

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