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Tweets in Google Search Results

In last week’s post, we shared that promoted tweets will soon be pushed to other platforms and sites, starting with Flipboard and Yahoo Japan.  Tweets will also soon be available with Google search, potentially greatly furthering the reach of your 140 characters.  Our search team weighs in with the high level pros and cons of this integration:

  • Pro: Quick and Fresh Brand Messaging – As you tweet news and messages Google will be able to see it instantly.  If you link Twitter profile to your website and vice versa these tweets can start appearing on both branded and unbranded search queries.  This provides a quick way to bring your message to a very large audience.
  • Con: Brand Reputation Management – The flipside of having tweets appear in search is that negative messages can appear when a search is conducted for your brand or on unbranded searches.  It is important to ensure your brand is tweeting regularly and proactively messaging about any negative press to manage the potential negative exposure.
  • Pro: Inbound Links and Brand References – Tweets that contain links or references to your brand and/or website helps the ranking of your website as a whole.  When twitter was integrated into Google before it was a valuable tool to generate fresh, topically relevant links/mentions to your site.

For more – Mashable’s Twitter Struck a Deal with Google

If you’d like to discuss this further with our search team, please email: info@converseon.com


75% of Americans now have a Smart Phone

If you’re still carrying around a flip phone, you are in the minority.  A recent report shows that smart phone penetration has reached 75% of Americans.  Why have we turned “Smart”?  The answer – apps.  Lots and lots of Apps.  Users are downloading and spending more time on apps than ever before.  A July 2014 Nielsen study also showed that the time spent on apps was on the rise, with a 31% year over year increase.

Interestingly, but not really surprisingly, out of the hundreds of thousand available, Facebook and Google are dominating the space, accounting for 8 out of the top 10.

Smartphone-apps Tweets in Google Search, Smartphone Usage Growth, Facebook Influencers, and Love-Filled Social Conversations

With the adaptation of smart phone and countless daily app downloads, some things to keep in mind:

  • Always think mobile first – for your new website, your social media content, your ad copy…assume your target audience is on their phone
  • Make sure your app is differentiated and has a unique value prop from all the others in the app store.  And like with any social channel or new product, make sure you promote it across other platforms

For more – Social Media Today’s Smart Phone Reach 75% Penetration and Nielsen’s Smartphones: So Many Apps, So Much Time


Facebook Patents Influencer Identification

It makes sense that brands would want to tap into influencers in social media.  Whether it’s a teenage Vine celebrity, a well-respected Physician on a medical blog, or a pro-athlete with a million followers, there’s a clear value in having them positively engage with or talk about your brand.

Facebook recently announced a patent for identifying experts and influencers.  It seems fairly straight forward – it helps find people whose content is quickly shared by lots of people.  But don’t forget that quality > quantity.  As with identifying influencers purely based on their number of followers, this method requires additional analysis.  What kind of content does the influencer produce?  How do they engage with their audience?  Do you want your brand affiliated with ALL the content they produce, not just the content relevant to your industry?  Until Facebook develops a way to computerize gut checks, we highly recommend some manual checking as part of the influencer identification process.

Image-Facebook-influencer Tweets in Google Search, Smartphone Usage Growth, Facebook Influencers, and Love-Filled Social Conversations

For more – AdWeek’s Patent Identifying Experts and Influencers


Social Media on Valentine’s Day

Love was in the air on Saturday – it was also in your social feeds.  More than 311,000 conversations on social media focused on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines-Day-infographic Tweets in Google Search, Smartphone Usage Growth, Facebook Influencers, and Love-Filled Social Conversations

For the full infographic, see AdWeek Article

As many of you may know, Ted “Tedster” Ulle, passed away recently after a long illness. It came as a surprise to many of us who thought he might be making a recovery — or that was the message the ever-optimistic Ted had been giving us.

It is a rare individual who has given so much, to so many, with great humility. Ted, who was senior search strategist here, had an unbridled passion for search. He would dig through various patents, managed the Google Forum at Webmaster World where he posted over 37,000 times helping webmasters — large and small — with his wisdom.  He was the first to take young enthusiasts under his wing and share his thoughts with his somewhat distinct crackled laugh (often while having a cigarette outside).   He was a great colleague and friend.

In an age of social media where most “experts” take every chance to promote their expertise, Ted was a throwback where character, knowledge and wisdom where the key foundations for life.   And in this age of social media, where social accounts often outlive the people who created them, i found it both a little spooky but also inspirational that his accounts and writings live on — and always will.   A digitized archive of his contributions.   Im sure they will continue to serve as guidance for others even if he isn’t here with us physically.

We have some ideas on how we can help celebrate Ted’s life and keep his spirit alive. We’ll be sharing more information as it takes shape.

But in the meantime, RIP Ted. We miss you already.

ted Tedster:  Gone but Not Forgotten


Jakob Nielsen — the world’s foremost authority in web usability and audience segmentation — recently published research that exploded several myths about marketing to college students. In his words, college students are, “enraptured by social media, but reserve it for private conversations and thus visit company sites from search engines.”

Wait a second. What is happening here? Aren’t today’s students all digital natives, comfortable with technology from their earliest years? Aren’t they the early adopters of everything new and shiny?

In a word (well, two words), not exactly.

Yes, college students are extremely comfortable with web technology. They know the online world very well. So, when they want information about any organization, they turn to search rather than a company-built fan page.

Why? Because students see search as an unbiased source of information. Nielsen calls it “Google Gullibility”, and his research shows that even the most educated people suffer it. In layman’s terms, if it’s on Google, then people trust it; and the top search results get the click, most of the time.

A Generation of Skeptics

In general, educated people tend to be more skeptical of any marketing message. The unnatural excess of one-sided marketing over the years created this skepticism, and it is strong.

So, for today’s college student, search is the avenue of choice to learn about any organization or product. Search allows them to “pull” in the information that they choose, rather than be interrupted by old school “push” messages.

Read More

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There is no social without some SEO, and you’re really missing the boat if your SEO strategy does not include social media.   Even so, SEO and Social Media practitioners rarely connect, and, as Ted says in his recent post to WebMasterWorld, “… many old time technical SEO people wish that Twitter would just go away.”

But that is all about to change.

Ted Ulle, our senior search strategist, recently described how SEO and social media are coming together on WebMasterWorld.

Ted has been referred to by some as the “Babe Ruth” of SEO, as he spends his nights pouring over new Google patents to glean insights into algorithmic changes. The SEO tribe follows his insights closely as he moderates webmasterworld, where he has posted over 20,000 times.

Categories: Search, SEO, SEM

In this interview our Senior SEO Analyst Ted Ulle, otherwise known as “Tedster”, the Google forum moderator on WebmasterWorld, explains why your customer’s online conversations are a crucial component to a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy.  Ted also discusses Converseon’s approach to Enterprise SEO and the need for organizational consulting, clearly explained by our Chief Strategist, Mike Moran, in his best selling book Search Engine Marketing, Inc.  The interview took place at last years PubCon Search Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, where Ted is a regular speaker.

How is your social media listening impacting your SEO strategy? Share your experiences and advice below…

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