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Last Friday, everyone here at Converseon gathered around for some piazza and Social Media Friday.

Social Media Friday is a time when we get together, share links, talk about recent trends, informative sites and current news about social media.

Here is a look at last week’s links:

Election Day Links:

Dominos Pizza Tracker Takes Political Poll (Republicans order specialty pizzas)

Celebrities work on viral video to “Get out the vote”

Twitter site we users can report voter lines, times, and snafus in real time

Social News:

Ever wish the headlines had a sense of humor? Fark news delivers the news with snarky glee and a forum to make your own comments on the day’s events

Delicious Popular offers the most popular items bookmarked today.  While it is a mix of different things, it’s a bit heavy on programming and design

Keeping track of the most tweeted Urls: Twitturly

Sphin, a social new site for the SEO and Search Marketing Crowd

Twingly, blog search that allows feeds of search terms, this one is for “social media”

Companies in social media:
Pepsi Launches a New Social Media Campaign a gets some constructive criticism

GM’s Social Media News Room shows off blog press release, high-res flickr photos and corporate tweets:

IBM’s Center for Social Software opens news doors for creating collaborate software and research

HP’s Social Computing Lab offers up their research on crowd sourcing, incentive design and other social media topics

Microsoft builds new interdisciplinary research center in New England

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