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This week the iMedia Breakthrough Summit brought together a mix of marketers from agencies, brands and startups to discuss the future of digital marketing, and the trends shaping our industry today.  The mix of backgrounds creates a great environment to share ideas and combine different viewpoints around the future of marketing.

As expected a large portion of the event was dedicated towards social and mobile media.  However, a recurring statement I heard from many participants was that we’re finally past the “Year of Social” and the “Year of Mobile,” those ubiquitous milestones that have become catch phrases.  Rather than pointing to any specific event, these watershed moments have happened upon us quietly or not-so-quietly, leading to a sort of collective sigh: We’re here.  The future is now.  It’s time to get to work.

Rewards, Recognition and Game Mechanics

A common theme throughout many of this year’s sessions spoke about the advantages of Rewards, Recognition and Game Mechanics.  Caroline Giegerich from Initiative talked about the check-in platforms from Four Square and GoWalla, to newer ones like Scavenger and GetGlue.  An interesting point she made was the real-world laboratory experiment of Four Square and GoWalla: each launched at SXSW over a year ago to much fanfare, yet one is six times larger today.  The difference maker?  The overwhelming popularity of the mayorships and badges that Four Square uses.

BBDO also spoke about their current iAds compaign with AT&T.  They unveiled flashy commercial quality video with original music, high concept narrative and professional actors.  But the feature that had the highest engagement?  An interactive iAd that functioned like a game, and allowed consumers to calculate how much data they needed based on their internet browsing, texting and email habits.

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In a continued effort to showcase the best and brightest minds joining us at Converseon, we will highlight recent additions to the Converseon team through our blog. Our eclectic POV’s will be on display on a range of social media related topics. We’d like to introduce all of you to Mallory Dash, who authored the below post.

logo_large To Boldly Go Where the Masses Have Gone BeforeSome would say we’re transitioning to a new era in social media, as new sites and tools change the way we create and consume content, interact with our peers, and engage with brands. I often find myself comparing this change (along with most other aspects of my life) to Star Trek: The Next Generation, minus Geordi’s visor (but including Wil Wheaton).

A recent article from iMedia Connection discusses the opportunities and challenges brought about by social media, and goes through a slew of new tools and features available to marketers. To ignore these methods of reaching your consumers online is to forge some sort of attempt to defeat the Borg- simply put, “resistance is futile.”

But what does this mean for marketers and those trying to make a brand impact online? It can often seem overwhelming to keep track of all the tools made available to marketers in the online space, and as powerhouses like Facebook and Google continue to add more social features to external sites around the web (ie Google Buzz, Facebook Connect or their Open Graph initiative). However, it’s important to realize that these tools are still only as effective inasmuch as your brand’s key messages make sense and inspire your target audience to action. All the Holodecks in the world won’t change the reality that your brand is what consumers perceive it to be. How you use these tools will always make more of an impact than which tools you choose.

It’s all comes back to what Captain Picard would say to Riker… “Engage.”

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