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In Category: Reputation and PR

Today Aberdeen Group released its Social Media Measurement and Monitoring Report.

As a leading company providing social media monitoring and measurement services Converseon agreed to help sponsor the report earlier this year to help educate the industry. To find out more about our Conversation Mining and eResponder social media monitoring technology, visit our site here. We will be providing a review of the research in the coming days; however, on an initial glance it appears to have some interesting findings, such as:

  • It found that Best-in-Class organizations are over 680% more likely than Laggards to improve their ability to predict customer behavior through the use of social media monitoring and analysis tools.
  • Best-in-Class companies are nurturing technology implementation with key organizational processes and capabilities, such as a formalized process for monitoring consumer-generated content (65%), dedicated personnel devoted to social media monitoring (52%), and an “early warning system” for detecting potential threats to the brand (42%).
  • As a result of strong organizational support, Best-in-Class companies are 5 times more likely than Laggards to be “extremely satisfied” with the number of actionable insights derived from social media monitoring and analysis.

The report is an important contribution to other research of the industry that has been growing, including Peter Kim’s industry report (The Forrester Wave™: Brand Monitoring, Q3 2006) and Nathan Gilliat’s comprehensive Guide to Social Media Analysis.

Access to the report is free until March 31 (just requires a registration) and please click here to download your copy.

We hope you find it interesting and of use and look forward to feedback.

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter wasting time and money (it doesn’t). I don’t hide the fact I love the thing, but I was dubious about its potential direct benefit for clients. That was until last week when my client Graco‘s PR manager Lindsay Lebresco joined Twitter, and over a few days since I’ve witnessed a bunch of positive results.

These are not designed as a case study on why Twitter = ROI. However, they do point to the type of benefits you can find by investing in the community (a common theme in the social media world).

Twitter For Pitching Conversing

Shortly before our recent Graco Get-Together in DC I made sure I was following all the bloggers I’d be meeting at the event. The conversation below (and that’s what it was, a conversation – not a pitch), led to the first blog post pointing to the new Graco blog.

paullyoung Hi Devra! I work with Graco & I’ll be attending the DC Moms blog Get-Together on Mon. Found you via @mammaloves – nice to meet you! :) 06:29 PM January 05, 2008

Devra Hi Paull, Oooh Graco! You would have had me at “Pack N Play” LOVED that when my kids were little! Mamma Loves is tops tho! 09:48 AM January 06, 2008

paullyoung That’s great to hear! Did you know the Pack N Play just turned 20? 1 of our first posts on the new Graco blog: http://tinyurl.com/348tym 03:35 PM January 06, 2008

Devra What a riot! Aviva and I both used Pack N Plays extensively. We had them traveling all over the world! We should write up a birthday post! 06:31 PM January 06, 2008

paullyoung That would be great to see, we’d link back too. You could be the first blog linking to us as well (though I imagine a few will after Mon) 06:58 PM January 06, 2008

Devra Okay, then we’ll put up a post tonight! That would be great. I’ll see if we can dig up some pics of our kids in the pack n plays. Fun! 07:04 PM January 06, 2008

paullyoung Cool! John (the author) & the rest of the Graco blog team will be super happy to see it! They’re very attached to the Pack N Play :) 07:06 PM January 06, 2008

Devra As are Aviva and me. I guess you could call us “Pack N Playmates” Seriously, we’d love to put our hat in the ring to be spokespersons! 07:08 PM January 06, 2008

Twitter to Build a Knowledge Network

Lindsay was live tweeting from the celeb packed ‘Boom Boom Room‘ over the weekend. Here, she was able to rely on her Twitter network to get her ahead when the uber Urbanmama sent her through a detailed ‘cheat sheet’ on how to get the most out of the celeb derby (I think this is in Urbanmama’s nature though – she’s also promised me a list of Brooklyn’s top date spots :) )

Img_2272_normal urbanmama Hey Lindsay, what is your email? Do you have a PDA where you can access links? I sent info on many of the people who had confirmed to visit. 11:48 AM January 11, 2008

Img_2272_normal urbanmama Lindsay, I forwarded you my little stars primer, but only for those who had confirmed before the sisters left. There are tons more now! 12:30 PM January 11, 2008

Twitter as a Beta Tester

This tweet from Kristen meant that we fixed an important broken link (in minutes) outside of office hours:

Martinitoast_normal Mommy4Cocktails @lindsaylebresco: trying to link to the Graco Baby Blog from the graco baby homepage. Dead link… 05:42 PM January 15, 2008 from web in reply to LindsayLebresco

There endeth the most visible Graco bonuses – but these little examples are secondary to the friendship and relationships developed. Here’s a couple more work examples I’ve had in the same time period:

Twitter to Recruit

The tweet below was for a freelance project and led to a bunch of informed recommendations in minutes. Much easier than finding an unknown through the standard channels.

paullyoung I’m looking for a WordPress Ninja for some freelance work – do you know someone who fits the bill? I owe you big time if you can assist :) 06:04 PM January 10, 2008 from web

Twitter as a Crisis Warning System

On the same day we saw the above results, we also got a first warning – way ahead of time – about a potential issue involving a 5 star brand we work with. Follow the right people and you’ll be in the know ahead of time.

I know none of this is particularly groundbreaking, but the fact it all occurred in such a short time frame really brought home to me just how much Twitter is enhancing my work. Can you share a Twitter example? No matter how big or small, I’d like to hear it below.

[cross posted on Paull's personal blog Young PR]

This morning Converseon sponsored New York’s first Social Media Breakfast alongside Text 100. Reuters Second Life reporter Eric Krangel (aka Eric Reuters) spoke about virtual worlds, the changing media landscape and his role as a Second Life journalist. You can see all our photos in the Converseon Flickr account.

We’d really like to see the New York social media scene come together and we think events like this are important for the community – not that virtual relationships moving into the real world is anything new, as this 1997 Wired quote about The Well shows:

In addition to electronic dialog, there should be a strong face-to-face element to The Well. (It was while on EIES that Brand had learned the value of online confrères having physical contact – a group of EIES regulars made a point of meeting offline as well.) He sensed that the most interesting possibility to arise from knitting electronic dialog into the fabric of everyday life would lie not in championing either the virtual or the human-contact model but rather in finding the place where they overlapped. “Brand had an awareness that you had to have that sense of the physical environment and the local culture and flavor for the community to work,” says John Perry Barlow, who joined The Well in 1986.

Thank you to all the friends of Converseon (new and old) who joined us for breakfast this morning; it was great to be able to sponsor a meeting of New York’s finest social media minds.

Social Media Breakfast NYC

As per the headline, we’re extremely proud to have been selected by the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association as one of their four WOMMIE Award winners for 2007.

The art of Word of Mouth Marketing online is continually evolving and we’re having a great time working at the coalface. Rob Key will be presenting our case study at the WOMMA Summit on November 14-15 in Las Vegas – but in the mean time you can learn from the great case studies hosted at the WOMMA site. In the meantime, we’re happy to be recognized like this:

“I was thrilled to see the caliber of work considered this year for the Wommie Awards, particularly when comparing them against last year’s submissions,” said Amanda Van Nuys, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Organic, Inc. and Wommie Awards judge. “Collectively, the case studies clearly demonstrate how word of mouth marketing has grown up over the last few years as it transitions from its adolescence and into a more evolved and disciplined marketing practice.”

On To The Friday Links!

This week the Converseon team have had a mix of social networking and smart technology catch our eye. The content below has already sparked some deep thinking and conversation amongst our team, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photosynth Demonstration (RSS Readers, click through for video)

This technology is mind blowing. As they say: “Photosynth might utterly transform the way we manipulate and experience digital images”Consumer 3.0: New Trends in CGM

Pete Blackshaw gives a general overview of the current state of CGM marketing, including some links to good examples.

Facebook Facts that will blow your marketing mind

Mitch Joel shares some stats on Facebook from the Canadian Marketing Association conference:

1. The average Facebook user spends about twenty-one minutes plus per day at the online social network.
2. The average Facebook user visits four times per day.
3. Facebook is adding about three hundred and fifty thousand new users every day.
4. Just this morning Facebook surpassed fifty million worldwide community members.
5. Facebook’s size doubles every six months.

Can Facebook feed its ad brains?

Facebook is expected to tap artificial intelligence to deliver ads to its 49 million members. This is a good real world example of the challenges that companies face in serving the right ads to the right people in real time.

A Series of Podcasts with Lee Odden and Mike Moran

Some great discussion here about Mike Moran’s new book “Do It Wrong Quickly: How The Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules

Explaining OpenSocial to your Executives

A good analysis of what Google’s new OpenSocial can allow you to do to help share great content with your key audiences.

I had the pleasure of participating in the OMMA panel last Monday adeptly moderated by Max Kalehoff with David Dunn of Edelman and Keith O’Brien providing some solid insight. MediaPost provided full coverage of the session. The consensus was, i believe, that in this world of subversive content creation and virality, brands are not quite ready to defend their brand through new and emerging tools.

Of course, I’ve always felt the best defense is a good offense, as indeed if we don’t define ourselves, others will happily define us. With a standing room crowd, the topic is clearly on the minds of many. I predicted that by next year, if the session is done again, that there will be more “directors of social media” in attendance as brands continue to create these internal positions to transcend the traditional marketing siloes that inhibit effective brand defense. We’ll see if the prognostication is accurate over time.

A selection of some of this weeks best from our diverse team. Please leave a comment after you’ve read an article and feel free to leave a link yourself.

Conversational Marketing

Recap of the Federated Media’s conference discussing Conversational Marketing. This post discusses the various aspects of conversational marketing and how it stands to change the future of brand management.

Dark blogs: a bad idea for crisis communication

Shel Holtz on why “dark blogs” (ready to be activated during a crisis) are not such a good idea.

Semantic Web: Difficulties with the classical approach

This article considers why the semantic web has remained as an academic property instead of transforming the way we use the web and considers how the concept can be moved forward.

Unfamiliar with the semantic web?

“The semantic web is a vision pioneered by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, in which information is expressed in a language understood by computers. In essence, it is a layer on top of the current web that describes concepts and relationships, following strict rules of logic.

The purpose of the semantic web is to enable computers to “understand” semantics the way humans do. Equipped with this “understanding,” computers will theoretically be able solve problems that are out of reach today.”

Web 2.0: Big App on Campus

Universities are seeing Web 2.0 as a way to engage students and maybe even get them to choose one school over another. In theory, a social-networking environment will get students comfortable with a school well before they start and keep them engaged in their education, while the application of social media tools can extend their education.

50-Kanye Web Marketing

Did the Web Help Kanye Outsell 50 Cent? You have to love the online buzz (drama) around which rappers will outsell the other. When news got out that 50 Cent said he’d stop recording if Kanye West outsold him, fans took their love of music, not to the streets, but to the computer. (PS: Go Kanye)

We often say that we’re in a post marketing discipline definition world where the lines between direct marketing, advertising and PR have blurred. The new agency of the future is indeed a mashup that brings together the best of those disciplines, skills and people. Converseon has grown in part because of the alchemy that occurs when bringing together search, public relations, computer scientists, direct marketing experts, independent film makers, and more.

Finding the best and brightest from diverse areas has been a core focus of ours. While our team may come from far flung places, cultures and backgrounds, the one consistent and essential element we all share is passion.

At Converseon, we believe in the power of social media to bring people together, no matter where they are, through their passion. And in the world of social media, those with passion self-identify through engagement. They raise their hand through their actions and rise to the top. The proliferation of social media has changed the way we find and hire talent. And it’s one of the reasons we continue to bring in the best and the brightest.

In a world united by social media an organization can cast a much wider net in its search for the most talented employees. Every organization wants to work with highly skilled employees who are truly passionate about what they do. Social media allows you to find these passionate individuals, form a relationship and get to know them on a personal basis. The days of a quick scan of a resume and a brief job interview ahead of a hire are coming to an end. As such, I’m pleased to announce that Christin Eubanks has joined Converseon as an Account Executive.

Christin is one of those who have expressed their passion through social media (and it’s how we found her). She comes to us from Auburn University, Alabama, where she was one of the star students of their PR program, including the highly regarded social media class taught by Robert French. Christin visited our New York headquarters after we got to know her through her various online efforts. Her intelligence and passion for social media shine through online – and even more so in person.

Our team at Converseon is continually expanding and social media is leading us to passionate, talented people from completely disparate backgrounds. We’re lucky to have found a supremely talented group of people throughout the USA and the world. Christin is just the latest example of our own mission to assemble an innovative, flexible and highly skilled team sourced from the global conversation.

Today at 1pm I’ll be speaking on the Bulldog Reporter’s PR University  ‘Guerilla PR and Word of Mouth Marketing‘ Audio Conference, joining some of the industry’s leading thinkers.

My main focus will be on explaining the ins-and-outs of the Second Chance Trees project, our own recent success story with word-of-mouth marketing on a tight budget. As today’s media audience shifts smart communicators can have great success engaging respectfully with online communities. Today, we’ll try to show you how.

pru_masthead2 Converseon Event :: Paull Young Joins Bulldog Reporter Guerilla PR Panel

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University Audio Conference – ‘Guerrilla PR and Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Innovative Practices for Nontraditional, Brilliant PR on a Tight Budget’

Paull Young, Converseon

Mark Hughes, Principal, Buzznation Studios; Author “Buzzmarketing

Paul Rand, President & CEO, Zócalo Group

John Bell, Managing Director/Executive Creative Director, 360° Digital Influence Team, Ogilvy Public Relations; Member, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

Andy Sernovitz, CEO, Gaspedal; Author, “Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking”


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