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It’s been an exciting two weeks for Converseon. We’ve had the opportunity to speak at conferences, meet partners, and talk to major brands from Indonesia to Singapore to Copenhagen.

At the iBrand Summit, Asia, we met with a wide range of leading brands who are looking to get serious about social media, while speaking about the “Brutal Truth of Social Media.” There we met folks from Microsoft, Nokia APAC, Indonesian social properties, and more.

Then, just this week, we launched Converseon Nordics to expand our offerings in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland while keynoting the FDIH conference with the topic of Scaling Social Across the Enterprise.

Throughout it all, I was struck by how similar and substantial the conversations we had were, whether it was with Asian telecoms or Scandinavian insurance companies. Across all these markets there was a clear and evident thirst to strongly embrace frameworks that scale social across the enterprise to drive competitive advantage. The conversations were quite sophisticated; diving deep into issues like governance, and policies, infrastructure, advanced social intelligence and the best social strategic approaches across multiple use cases. It’s become quite clear, not only is social conversation a global phenomena with broad adoption, but following close behind is the desire for brands to “do it right,” from APAC to Europe, and a recognition that it takes some new thinking and capabilities to do so.

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Rob Key, Converseon CEO, was recently interviewed by Steve Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director at ARF at the Advertising Research Foundation 2011 Re:think conference. In the embedded video, Rob and Steve discuss Converseon’s 10 year anniversary and the future of social intelligence.

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The Converseon Team is going to participate in a good number of events during the month of April. Please check them out and sign up!

  • March 28, 12 pm ET: Our SVP of Management Consulting Chris Boudreaux will be the guest of Stephen Rappaport‘s webcast. During the webinar, which is part of ARF’s Listen First! Webcast Series, Chris will share Converseon’s approach to creating rganizational frameworks to scale social Intelligence. Registration is free at http://my.arf.com
  • April 4: Our CEO Rob Key will present The Brutal Truth about Social Media Marketing at the iMedia Asia Brand Summit in Nikko Bali, Indonesia
  • April 5-6: The Converseon team lead by Senior Strategist Mike Moran will be at the Forrester Marketing Summit in San Francisco. Please make sure you stop by our booth and say hi!
  • April 6, 12 pm ET: Our SVP of Enterprise Analytics Mark Kovscek will conduct a WOMMA webinar titled, In Search of Grand Unified Theory – The Evolution of Social Intelligence into Enterprise Analytics. The webinar is free for WOMMA members with registration.
  • April 11: Mike Moran will speak on a panel titled, “Social Media and Higher Education: The Common Ground,” at the Pearson’s Cite 2011- Higher Education Technology Conference
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Converseon at the ARF Re:think Conference

Converseon will again be supporting, presenting and attending the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:think conference on March 20-23. For 75 years,the ARF has been a strong driver of innovation and ethics. Over the last three years, they have been especially focused on social and social intelligence, and an important advocate for transformation of the industry.

This ARF Re:think conference will convene the largest gathering of insights and research executives in the history of the industry.

Converseon will be participating throughout:

  • On Sunday March 20, Converseon (along with Harris Interactive) will be participating in a private workshop on “Learning by Not Asking: Listening to Social Media Conversations”  with Steve Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director at ARF and author of the forthcoming book, “Listen First.” This hands-on session will provide a balance of strategic perspective on social listening, its impact on market research transformation and some hands-on, practical applications. Copies of his books will be handed to attendees. If you’re interested in attending, some spots remain, just visit http://rethink.thearf.org/talks/17265
  • On Monday and Tuesday, Converseon will be active in The ARF Insights Zone, which features learning sessions, product demonstrations, book signings and valuable networking opportunities. We will have a booth and demonstrating our industry leading Conversation Mining social intelligence technologies and solutions. Please come by.  You can register for the Listening Zone here http://rethink.thearf.org/pages/register
  • On Monday afternoon at 2:30–3:30pm, Converseon will be presenting on “Overcoming Social Media Paralysis.”
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Austin during SXSW can feel a little unreal. Music, culture, technology and parties, all in that Texan landscape, can make one feel a little transported.

So it is apropos to those looking to reconnect with the real world that on Sunday, March 13 our Lead Scientist, Dr. Philip Resnick, will be speaking on a panel on “Using Text Analytics to Predict the Real World.” Text analytics is one component of how Converseon tackles the next generation of Social Intelligence — finding deep levels of meaning and insight in socially-driven conversation. Here is the description of Dr. Resnick’s session:

How can we use text to tell us what is happening in the real world? Text-driven forecasting is the challenge of making concrete, testable predictions about future events and trends from publicly available text data. Text-based modeling methods make it possible to discover the agendas and attitudes behind the words people use. In this panel, we consider some recent success stories that use various kinds of text (expert-written analysis, blog posts, tweets) to tell us interesting things about the future and about the people behind the texts in various domains (finance, political discourse, and public opinion polls). Session co-organized by the McCombs School of Business and the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (CREC).

For a deeper discourse on our view of the evolution of Social Intelligence, you can read my interview published recently by Digiday Data.


Social listening is a hot topic, but despite the large volume of information and chatter about it we find that many companies are still not really sure what is it, how it is done, how it is used and where it’s going. That’s why we are happy to support the Advertising Research Foundation in its effort to provide research-based answers to these questions and equip business leaders to use listening better or become listening champions in their own companies.

This comprehensive webinar series is presented by Stephen Rappaport, author of Listen First! Turning Social Media Conversations into Business Advantage, and is held over 10 weeks. Any or all sessions can be attended; they’re short and to the point, 30-minutes each from start to finish, including Q&A. This series is designed to “teach, learn and apply,” not merely “tell and sell.”

The webinar schedule is outlined below. To register for this series please head over to http://my.thearf.org and log in with your credentials. If you don’t have them yet, you can register for free on the site.

Webinar Schedule (webinars scheduled for 12 pm ET)
Part 1 – What is Listening and How is it Done

  • February 28: Listening – What it is and it’s strategic value.
  • March 7: Listening Tools: The 4 Types
  • March14: How to plan and run a listening initiative
  • March 28: Creating Organizational Frameworks to Scale Social Intelligence (Converseon co-presentation)

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Social intelligence and digital media metrics are becoming more and more critical to the success of any marketing strategy — not just something to measure at the end of a campaign. In fact, the right metrics can help a brand to define when and where to start planning, who to target and even the messages and conversations that will have the best chance of resonating over time.

Last week, Converseon hosted a panel during Social Media Week, wherein our SVP of Enterprise Analytics, Mark Kovscek explained that many marketers use social media analytics to measure the very basics of social media programs, such as Facebook fan counts or the volume of brand mentions across the social graph.

Instead, brands should understand that significantly more meaningful and actionable metrics are available to inform social media strategies and to optimize marketing performance.

Take the example of Hennessy Cognac, presented by Steve Rappaport of ARF Knowledge Solutions. “Hennessy was able to revamp their entire marketing strategy based on the insights provided to them through basic SEO analysis.”

Years ago, it was SEO that taught the CEO of Hennessy the brand’s old fashioned French values and branding was not transcending the American Market. They saw that their website traffic in the US was suddenly originating from urban music websites and communities. The American customer was very different. That finding sparked more research and eventually an entire rebranding effort for the American market.

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Having crossed the threshold between 2010 and 2011, this is an ideal time to reflect briefly on the the year that was, and the year that comes.

2011 brings the 10th anniversary of Converseon, making us the oldest pure-play social media consultancy. Over the years, our vision has remained largely consistent, and, although it evolved more slowly in 2001-2006, it has accelerated beyond our expectations in the last two years.

2010 was breakthrough at Converseon. We grew significantly and we also invested heavily into R&D, new talent and capabilities to further lay the foundation for our next evolution, which we are designed to fulfill in 2011. At one point in 2010, we actually slowed our new business efforts to focus on digesting and delivering on the work that was here.

As social media has matured, so have our capabilities. We remain on course to become the world’s leading social intelligence and social media consultancy, and we continue to believe that our organic, fast-moving, nimble approach is right for the market. Our success in 2010 bears out that our approach is indeed the right one for us and our clients, so far.

Social intelligence is clearly fueling business transformation and we are well positioned for leadership in this area. In fact, we expect 2011 to be the tipping point for business transformation driven by social media in the enterprise.

Some highlights:

  • Continued Growth: We grew approximately 80% YOY and doubled our staff. We also formalized a new office in Detroit and added more leading brands to our client roster across industries, including automotive, financial services, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and more.
  • Technology Leadership: Converseon was named category leader in the Forrester Q3 Wave on Listening Platforms, ahead of some solid and well-funded competition. As one industry observer (Marshall Sponder at Webmetricsguru) wrote, “this Forrester Wave establishes Converseon as one of the leaders in Social Listening Platforms – and last time, in January 2009, they weren’t even on the map – impressive!”.
  • Twitter Partnership: In August, we announced a partnership with Twitter to incorporate their entire dataset into our Conversation Mining technologies in near real time. Converseon was the first company in the Forrester Wave with full Firehose access, which provides 100% of Twitter data, versus 5-15% from the public API. Forrester called this a “big step” in the social listening marketplace.
  • Advanced R&D: Behind the scenes we are making very significant technical investments with internal and external Ph.D. teams working on natural language processing and machine learning for our listening platform, without sacrificing the critical insights that only human intelligence can provide. As a result, we expect to lead important industry advances, which you can expect to see in 2011.
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Last week at the WOMMA conference, Converseon released a new white paper entitled “Listening 2.0:  Leveraging Social Intelligence to Meet Business Objectives.”    The report focuses on how basic monitoring services are giving way to deep level intelligence that can be infused across organizations to provide competitive advantage.  In short, the report, finds, social intelligence is growing up.
An excerpt:

As we enter 2011, social media is passing a tipping point in the enterprise. For many brands, social engagement is no longer seen as a set of small experiments on the fringe of the organization. They are becoming a core component of business strategy. As such, we are witnessing a rapid evolution from ad hoc and sponsored exploration to a desire for enterprise enablement, whereby social media and social intelligence become competitive advantage and help enables critical business performance.

For these organizations, they will need to address four important areas to help achieve business outcomes through social media:

  1. Determining how and where listening can significantly impact business outcomes and objectives.
  2. Understanding how to manage the vast rivers of data, find meaningful insights, and support business processes and use cases — for today and tomorrow.
  3. Determining what should be automated and the role that people need to play; and determining the balance of internal versus external resources and capabilities.
  4. Creating frameworks to infuse social intelligence into the far reaches of the organization and ensuring timely action with a systematic, best practice approach and measure impact.

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Today we announced expansion of our social listening capabilities in China through a partnership with CIC. The full announcement is here.

The social media conversation is increasingly global.   And we at Converseon continue to expand our social listening so that brands can understand these conversations across regions and languages.   One of the most dynamic regions is China.

CIC is based in shanghai, independent, and is a leader in social listening in china, which is a very complex market with tremendous potential. For example:

  • There are more people online in China than the entire population of the United States (420 million)….with room to grow. China’s population is 1.2 billion.
  • While Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all blocked in China, local equivalents exist in China for every online ““““social medium. These are more than just copies. In fact, they have localized and transformed social business. For example, Taobao (the ‘ebay’ killer) launched a ‘group purchase’ flash sale recently that sold 205 Mercedes Smart cars in 3.5 hours.
  • There are almost as many people on social network sites in China (210 million on Facebook equivalents) as total people online in the US (220 million).
  • Chinese netizens are creating 2x the volume of original online content per person, according to Forrester.

CIC is independent, like us, and they share a similar vision, methodology, etc.  In addition, we have enjoyed a successful working relationship to date.  This announcement builds on that relationship to bring their social listening into our global Conversation Mining solution, while CIC can now offer our consulting and multi-language solutions to their clients.

We look forward to growing and evolving our partnership as brands continue to evolve from basic monitoring to deeper global understanding of online conversations.

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