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The year flew by here at Converseon.  Literally.   It was a year of transformation, evolution, some breakthroughs, and focus.

As we move into our second decade of “social” here (we can’t believe we just said that), we witnessed social truly beginning to mature at brands and at our clients in 2012.   There was a clearer move away from experimentation and ad hoc implementation, and more emphasis on how this “social thing” could actually drive business results.

Our mission remained steady:  to provide the world’s best social insights and help clients integrate that intelligence into their organizations to take effective and meaningful action on them.   In short, we helped create social businesses.    So what did we do last year to help drive make that happen?

  • Upped the IQ of Social Intelligence:   The world’s best social insights requires the world’s best social data.   It’s a truism that often gets lost in the marketplace.  Where in previous years, “good enough” data was good enough, we saw a growing recognition that high data quality is an absolute prerequisite to unlock the value of social especially among important business functions and requirements.     One of our great breakthroughs in 2012 was the launch and spin out of our Convey technology.  Convey provides near human level analysis of social data and the scale and speed that only software can provide.   Convey was named Dataweek‘s Social Data Mining Innovation of the Year for 2012.   It has tested 93% accurate for sentiment, for example, versus human performance and continues to provide deeper and broader data intelligence — such emotion, intensity and the ability to create custom classifiers specific to business questions and brands.    Convey’s capabilities will remain a core part of Converseon’s consulting capabilities going into 2013.
  • Moved from Platform to Platforms:    It was often thought by many that Converseon’s services were only available in conjunction with its listening technology.   In 2012, we clearly separated the technology from the consulting so that the consulting practice can provide its social insights, integration and implementation services to clients no matter what listening platform they use.    While we think our combination of technology and services is the ideal fit, we work with a wide range of platforms to help make that data more meaningful and actionable. This has helped open the doors to a variety of new opportunities and allows us to help create effective socially-driven brands.   We recognized and embraced that there are lots of brands that utilize competitive offerings from companies like Radian6, Sysomos, and others that are in need of our consulting.  And now we are able to service them.   In 2012 we witnessed growing recognition by socially-savvy brands that simple social monitoring platforms could only go so far — and that it took a combination of monitoring, advanced intelligence and consulting services to truly maximize the value of social in their organization.  That combination, of course, is  core to who we are.
  • Broadened and Deepened our Intelligence:   As above, we’ve achieved the highest level of customized social intelligence.   But we went further through our Social Scorecard solution to begin integration social listening with social action data, web analytics and other relevant data sets to truly understand a brand’s effectiveness in social — and perhaps most importantly — the value of their social efforts in driving business outcomes.  We pioneered some new and innovative solutions that have been called “game changers” by our clients looking to truly do social at scale.     We have been fortunate to have clients who are indeed partners that are looking  to create new solutions together.  Their ambitions help lead to our innovations.   And those innovations are going to be rolled out more broadly in 2013.
  • Refocused:   It was also a year of change of evolution.   In 2010-2011, we grew a lot in multiple areas.  2012 was very much about refocusing on what is it we do best, and doubling down on those capabilities.  It has been rewarding and validating to see that our focus on best social insights, integration and meaningful action is exactly what we are seeing more and more brands demanding; and where we are clearly differentiated.  The world of social has matured rapidly and focus and execution are becoming increasingly critical.  This focus is perhaps why we had such great momentum in Q4.  And the focus will continue in 2013 as we look to scale out our solutions more broadly and across more geographies.

Of course, none of the innovation and success happens without our incredible partners and clients – many who have been with us for several years and more.  To all of you:  Thank You!   We wish everyone health, happiness and success in 2013.  It is sure to be an exciting year.

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