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Pinterest Secret Board

Pinterest has evolved from an upcoming social network to a key component in the social landscape. The focus on visualization drove many businesses to create visually appealing sites including eBay, Mashable’s beta site and even a test by Facebook called “Collections,” that allowed users to accumulate items in a visual list. As Pinterest grows and develops, the site recently announced new changes, including business accounts and secret boards.

Business pages allow Pinterest accounts to verify their website and add new Pinterest buttons and widgets. There is an additional set of terms for business accounts; the most noticeable difference indicates that a business can use “Pinterest’s website, products and services for commercial purpose.” Though this was just recently published, the restriction has not stopped brands from joining Pinterest. Yet the changes geared specifically toward businesses shows Pinterest becoming more business-friendly (and perhaps looking to monetize in the future).

Another change includes secret boards. Each user can have up to 3 secret boards, which means that the pins are kept completely private. The secret images won’t show up in visible boards, categories, search results, feeds, or pins from your profile. To start pinning to your secret boards, go to your profile and scroll down to the bottom. Users can also collaborate with others on a secret board, meaning you can have more than one person contribute pins to a shared secret board. The secret boards have great potential and could be used for planning a surprise party, collecting ideas for a work in progress gifts and more importantly, sharing personal photos. Think about company photos for employees only, or photos from a specific event.

What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s updates? Have suggestions on how to use their secret boards? Let us know and leave a comment!

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