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by Chris Boudreaux and Adam Edwards

Update (August 16, 2010): Google PR phoned this afternoon to let us know that this screen shot was an experiment, and that the search results below the ads are organic; they’re just mixed with results from Google Maps. Our point was that the results seemed to exclude traditional organic search results, and that the page appeared dominated by organic results from Google Maps.

Yesterday, for the first time, we saw a standard Google web search results page, without any standard web search results.   That is,  a search for “car rental nyc” returned a Universal Results page showing a map alongside results from paid, local, and books categories (see screen shot below). Not one standard organic result appeared on the first page of results.

(click image to enlarge)
google-local-web-search2 Google Removes Organic Results in Local Tests

As it expands its Universal Results strategy, Google is testing lots of changes to their main search results page. Most of the significant changes occur in searches that contain a localized search term (such as a city).

First, Google added a “sticky map” in the upper right, which maintained a constant position on the screen, as the user scrolled down the page.  The sticky map appeared to disadvantage paid search results appearing below the third slot, which disappeared behind the map as users scrolled down the page.

In the search results we saw yesterday, there were no organic results until the second page.  When we performed the same search today, we found a single organic search result at the bottom of the first page.

This could be a watershed moment for Google, and it could force local or franchise businesses to use AdWords and Google Places (formerly Local Business Center).

Creating a great web site with strong SEO may no longer take you into the first page of local search results.

Categories: Search, SEO, SEM
There are 112 comments for this entry:

This is amazing. Businesses are really going to have to start focusing on Local SEO if they want to remain competitive.

1:46 pm August 13th, 2010

This will create waves in the vacation rental market.

2:00 pm August 13th, 2010

“Creating a great web site with strong SEO may no longer take you into the first page of local search results.” – Well, then that’s a matter of researching Local Ranking Factors and drive SEO efforts the best way on each query. =)

2:15 pm August 13th, 2010

Great point – and you can always participate in Google Places and optimize for other universal results, etc. It still seems to me that the concept of what a “search engine” is has morphed almost to the breaking point if there’s not one link that sends a non-Google website any direct traffic.

3:16 pm August 13th, 2010

The holy grail for a search engine is to have all the relevant results either paid or Search Engine (google) owned properties. Of course, they would still have some “organic” results. For big money terms like ‘mating habits of the african water buffalo’.

4:22 pm August 13th, 2010

I got to see this live first hand as well. However, it was for a smaller pack of local results. Google was displaying 7 local results with 3 organic results. However, the local were listed first and stood out better because of the red map pin, review info, address info, etc. With that said, any business/industry that is rooted in local search they are going to have to get on top of their places listings now before anything like this is pushed to 100% of the market.

4:48 pm August 13th, 2010

This is very surprising, but may make sense from the standpoint that for larger cities, it will allow them to show MORE results on the Local Search map, given the larger size. Doesn’t help those who focus solely on organic results, of course.

6:09 pm August 13th, 2010

I am praying that is just a test and it isn’t a sign of things to come. I enjoy a mixed bag of results a lot more.

On another note, did anyone else find this hard to type here? My text was in white when I entered it in the box below – very difficult to read (on FF FYI)

6:15 pm August 13th, 2010

I sure hope this doesn’t go ahead full scale – but if it does it will likely only effect very local specific phrases. Just shows the importance of focusing on Local search as well…

6:23 pm August 13th, 2010

This isn’t search, it’s a YP listing. I guess the definition of Evil has to be changed. Just a thought, What about the online marketing companies that have no local results 7 packs or maps anymore?

6:58 pm August 13th, 2010

Wow nice catch. What if I want to see a site like Expedia for example when doing a local hotel search, I guess Expedia can afford PPC but what about the small guy who could never compete in PPC. Whoever said evil has been redefined was right. Organic SEO has never been the easiest business to be in unless you are a black hat of couse. Looks like its just about to get a lot tougher. Has Google said anything about this does anybody know?

9:11 pm August 13th, 2010

Interesting concept, but a drastic change that could cause users to migrate to another search provider since these are not the results that we are all used to.

9:57 pm August 13th, 2010

Very good catch. I just tried the same search and got the “standard” Google results. (search was from Phoenix) So nothing different for me to see. I also agree that Google has to be very careful about making any drastic changes. That cannot afford any missteps.

10:18 pm August 13th, 2010

So geo domains are the first on the hit list.
Will be fun to watch how google turns seo domains into its own yelp

10:35 pm August 13th, 2010
T.J. Loftus

Nice catch. It will be interesting to see if they make such a drastic change. Local SEO will still hold value. Local links and citations and perhaps custom built local microsites for the clients Google places that has a call tracking # on the website for better local user experience.

12:43 am August 14th, 2010

And yes Ron, my text was in white, hard to read the captcha code I entered and my URL attached to my name didn’t work. But it was most likely my fault trying to comment from an iPhone.

12:54 am August 14th, 2010

I’m not a knee-jerk Google defender, but this doesn’t (initially) strike me as evil. It seems like a move focused on mobile/geo search, which is what Google has been saying they intend to optimize for going forward for at least the past year or more (witness keynote at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona).

IT DOES MAKE ME THINK ABOUT a recent piece of direct mail I received just this week (like the search result shown, I live in NYC. I was surprised to see a snail-mail solicitation from Google, to sell me geo specific paid ads.

1:07 am August 14th, 2010

@Chris Grayson:
Which leads me to believe this is not a test, but a sign of things to come.

1:09 am August 14th, 2010

It wouldn’t be a drastic change because I see exactly the same web pages in top 10 in organic search results. A drastic (?) change already done, in the new page Google just put a map and some red markers. However it’s a bad news for big sites, aggregate sites (business directories, price comparison sites, eBay and classifieds, booking.com)

1:38 am August 14th, 2010

Would hate to see this implemented. case of profit over usability, and the start of a slide down a long slippery slope

4:53 am August 14th, 2010

If Google “Jumps The Shark” from an actual search engine to a yellow pages directory, users will move on and Google will become the next Yahoo. They should tread lightly. Nothing on the Internet is guaranteed.

11:05 am August 14th, 2010
Matt Inertia

I don’t see how they can roll out such a huge change without encountering problems. I’ve had loads of problems recently with local listings being rejected for no reason and no explanation. There was no feedback from G on the matter which is really frustrating. But why would they pay much attention to a free service? Hmm. Looks like another profit generating move to me.

6:10 pm August 14th, 2010

Great catch, but I can’t see it from Australia. (I’m typing almost blind here with this white font on a grey background, else I’d write more)

Cripes – typing the verification code is even harder

1:10 am August 15th, 2010

This is the second instance I’ve see on this type of SERP. Clearly G is lining things up to monetize Local (in a big way) via paid tags. Nice post – thanks :-)

10:42 am August 16th, 2010
11:01 am August 16th, 2010
Steven S

hahaha, after all their efforts of algos and other tweaking search results for years, it just looks like Google is turning into a regular yellow pages online directory. if I ever see a search result like this in real life I’m switching to Bing. The local sites that already get shown sometimes are almost always BS sites with terrible design and usability.

I was searching for a hotel in Osoyoos, BC and typed in “Osoyoos Hotels” hoping to get somewhere that was a solid trusted booking site, but all the local results at the top were just useless local sites made by Mr & Mrs Bed and Breakfast owner that were reading a HTML book from 1998, I wouldn’t trust a site like that with my card details in a million years. By showing those annoying local results and maps that I don’t want, Google really is shooting itself in the foot as far as usability is going. I’d rather see one or two spam sites in the search results than a whole hunk of useless web pages with an out of date phone number on it.

12:57 pm August 16th, 2010

I was all over Google during the last week and didn’t see this. It functioned normally with the exception that the paid ads at the top were missing but the organic search results were there. Interesting I wonder if it was GeoTargeted?

2:05 pm August 16th, 2010

[...] In the last few months posts are starting to show up about people seeing search result pages that show only local search results. You can see here: Google Testing New, More Integrated Local Search SERPs and Google Removes Organic Results in Local Tests. [...]

9:35 pm August 16th, 2010

What do you define as ‘organic’ in this content?

.. on an unrelated note, could you consider changing the color of the font in your ‘enter comment’ section. White on grey is really hard to read. more contrasting colors would be great.

10:38 pm August 16th, 2010

This seems like bad news to me. I live and work in Mexico… Merida, Yucatan to be exact. Google Places does NOT work well here. I’m constantly trying to enter places that for some reason Google thinks don’t exist and won’t place. It doesn’t understand the address system here very well…. and I do notice that my vacation rental clients are getting the majority of their referrals now from Google Maps. And yet, I have a hard time managing the information being shown.

9:29 am August 17th, 2010

Something to realize about local search … in many, if not most, local situations, there is simply not that much competition in a business’s “keyword” to create competition (and therefore revenue) for the advertisers (like Google). Ex, if I own “Bob’s Bar & Grill” in E. Pothole, Az and it is the only watering hole in 50 mi & I have a website IF Google doesn’t place my site on the first page for search term “bar & Grill in E Pothole” then Google will be broadly declared defective and deficient. They need to display all (even those that they have no marketing opportunities to sell ads to) in order to maintain their reputation. I.O.W the Bar & Grill can say “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?”

That is why I designed my “distributed web directory” especially for local web advertising. It treats the local small business website as an opportunity to place an ad on rather than one to sell an ad to.

10:19 am August 17th, 2010

[...] week, Google was spotted testing search results that barely included any organic results and those that were included could not easily be [...]

10:39 am August 17th, 2010

looks like someone at google was playing with the code the day

12:18 pm August 17th, 2010

Ha, Ha! Google is experimenting! How much did that cost somebody in lost traffic?

Based on recent heat maps data, if results are re-arranged, how much is that going to cost somebody in lost traffic?

Thank You for the awesome information.

10:29 pm August 17th, 2010

Wow, interesting stuff. Showed to a couple friends of mine who are deep into SEO. One of them said they saw a result like this about 3 weeks ago for a Chicago business and was trying to figure out what Google was doing with their algorithm!

Seems like Google is really trying to recapture a lot of revenue – not to mention two important analysts putting a “sell” on it:

“Google shares are down 21 percent this year, underperforming long-time competitor Yahoo, which is down 17 percent. Yahoo was downgraded to ‘hold’ today by BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis, who cited flat display advertising in June.

Kerner initiated Google with an ‘underperform,’ making him just the second analyst to put a ‘sell’ on the stock”


Maybe Google should go ahead and remove ALL organic results – not just local. Maybe just a page of 10 banners – one big AD spot!

2:29 am August 18th, 2010

I think this result will broke all SEO strategy for first page!!!
What the great actions

11:36 am August 18th, 2010

This may be a sign of things to come, and if increasing revenues is what this new move will be about (mobile my foot), then it’s going to be the small businesses that will be affected the most. Most local small businesses need to increase their online presence in the face of overwhelming competition anyway, but they certainly will not have the deep pockets needed to compete with companies who routinely spend thousands to get on the front page of G.

It’s a wait-and-see tactic for now, but it could mean the other more specialized search engines will see their value increase due to the changes.

5:41 pm August 18th, 2010

agency is the bridge of business !

10:31 am August 19th, 2010

This was bound to happen. I mean look at the way the Chromium Application searches for local items, the way the Google Android Phones all search using local searches first. It all makes sense. People are going to have to realize that organic listings are not of common interest any more over Local Search Results. People want what they want, and it better be closer than ever before. What, with these gas prices and everyone cutting their spending, who wouldn’t want to search for businesses that are really close by?

I wrote this a awhile back….check it out, any feedback is good, thanks.

1:23 pm August 19th, 2010

“People are going to have to realize that organic listings are not of common interest any more over Local Search Results” – Actually, that depends on the query term itself. Maybe “car rentals nyc” is an example of one search that really should return only map results. Maybe I’m also interested in a longer list, longer than 10~20 item list. Maybe I want a page that has links to all sites, but not the location of top 10 reviewed and cited car rental places in nyc. Still it depends on search intent. Universal Results still fits very well in this kind of situation! =)

2:12 pm August 19th, 2010

This seems a severe hit on eStores which sell world-wide. My eStore is based in Sweden but sells world-wide. Do I now have to buy a Planet Earth geo-tag to show up at all?

4:42 pm August 22nd, 2010

doesn’t this penalize/hurt local businesses that are outside the official city limits in a different city name. We are in Memphis but the official address is “Cordova TN” not memphis so we don’t get in the top Memphis results sometimes…

9:40 am August 26th, 2010

This is unlikely to become site-wide as there isn’t enough money to buy every keyword combination that exists. Besides, Google cannot wander far from the power of the click. If users begin to experience an preponderance of lower quality search results (read ‘paid’) they will migrate to alternative search engines.

10:32 am August 26th, 2010

Hi Jeff,
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11:01 am August 26th, 2010

Lot’s of good observations here. I tend to line up with Michael Pedzotti above, when he said: “This is unlikely to become site-wide…” Even now in a highly limited test mode, it takes a very specific query term and location to trigger this kind of SERP.

As Michael continued, “Google cannot wander far from the power of the click.” It’s easy for anyone markeeting a specific website to forget that Google’s primary job is to please THEIR users, not to market OUR websites. The marketer’s job is to find the intersection of all three needs – theirs, Google’s and the end user.

11:53 am August 26th, 2010

Our apologies from converseon to those who found our white text on gray background in the Comment area a challenge. I know I did on several different screens. You mentioned it (thank you) and we’ve changed it

11:57 am August 26th, 2010

[...] an experiment… Worrying sign of things to come, or a slip up from big G? See what you think Google Removes Organic Results in Local Tests __________________ cheers Steve Forum Rules FAQ's & Help | UK Business Listings | Free USA [...]

4:55 am August 27th, 2010

[...] How exactly can Google stop the move toward spam in a capitalistic market where domains can be registered with privacy and marketers can always rent an expert to speak for the brand? Is a celebrity endorsement which yields publicity spam? How can Google speak out against spam when they beta test search results that are 100% Google ads? [...]

7:42 am August 27th, 2010

It’s going to be tough for businesses that don’t rank well in the local search and have focused on organic results. Times are changing that they will have to transition their focus to local seo. It’s a good think internet marketers are keeping up with the current trends.

11:20 am August 29th, 2010

[...] documented on a recent blog post, Google has been testing search results that eliminate the traditional “organic” search [...]

11:31 am August 31st, 2010

I like to see Google experiments, but I beileve this was just an error more than anything, I personally wouldn’t read to much into it.

10:32 am September 2nd, 2010

[...] read a blog post last night that left me a little bit concerned, and I literally woke up in the middle of the night [...]

8:43 pm September 5th, 2010

[...] How exactly can Google stop the move toward spam in a capitalistic market where domains can be registered with privacy and marketers can always rent an expert to speak for the brand? Is a celebrity endorsement which yields publicity spam? How can Google speak out against spam when they beta test search results that are 100% Google ads? [...]

2:12 am September 6th, 2010

[...] har även fått se skräckexempel på Google lokalsök där samtliga organiska resultat kastades bort även om man inte tvingas betala i dagsläget tack vare låg konkurrens bland företaget men det [...]

4:17 am September 10th, 2010

[...] How exactly can Google stop the move toward spam in a capitalistic market where domains can be registered with privacy and marketers can always rent an expert to speak for the brand? Is a celebrity endorsement which yields publicity spam? How can Google speak out against spam when they beta test search results that are 100% Google ads? [...]

8:40 am September 11th, 2010

I think depending on he business type there will be some problems if this becomes standard. I have a janitorial service in Irvine California, and get traffic from out of state all the time. A local focus is more effective for me, as we only clean within 30 mile of our office.

4:39 pm September 20th, 2010

A lot of small businesses don’t seem to realise that the days of Yellow Pages is close to and end now and that the internet is the future. I received a yellow pages the other day and couldn’t believe how small it was nowadays.. lol, guess that says it all

11:53 am October 23rd, 2010

A lot of people don’t know that the “Yellow Pages” are more than printed books. They are on the web, mobile, and apps for devices. They also syndicate their content to other major players, e.g. Google Maps. While there is always scope for niche players to offer a cheaper option, they seldom have the same reach.

3:50 pm October 23rd, 2010

In my local results Google doesn’t show the map at all for any local business listing (in web design, internet marketing) unless you actually click on Maps. A local search result only results in organic and paid search results, there are no map or local listing results as are being discussed above. For example, Coogee website design and Coogee internet marketing both return no map at all, just organic & paid results.
At this stage, both these terms require proper SEO to rank rather than any recourse to a local listing. A biz that is at the top of the local listing map is not necessarily even on the first page for the organic terms from what I can tell. I had hoped local search listings would actually be more as has been described above. There are many other local businesses in the same position.
Does anyone know why this would be?

7:14 am October 25th, 2010

We are getting the opposite here for local businesses. To get a map listing with the local listings next to it you have to actually go to Maps. When you enter a local search term such as “Coogee web design” or “Coogee internet marketing” you only get organic and paid search results. There are no listings for any local business (even though many have listings when you click on Maps).
I’ve been trying to research this as I had started to think that Google had decided to only display local listings on its Maps page.
From the article and comments above that doesn’t seem the case. It looks like a typical Google glitch as I’ve searched every category I’m listed in locally and while I come up without a hitch on the Maps page, there is no local listing at all in the search results. They are all SEO, keyword optimized pages/sites.
Can anyone explain why Google are being so full on in some areas for local searches by practically taking out the organic results and in others they have completely removed the map/local listings?

7:20 am October 25th, 2010

When I use google.com.au, I get the map and three local results for Coogee web design or web design Coogee. Ditto Coogee SEO. This has been noted in North America for some time, so might be coming our way.

1:50 pm October 25th, 2010

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5:01 am January 28th, 2011

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5:14 pm April 9th, 2011

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4:05 am June 3rd, 2011

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9:41 am June 13th, 2011

How things have changed this you wrote this post. Here in the UK everything is now Google Places biased with very few search results returning only sponsored or oragnic results. It has now become a full time job just keeping up with the whims of Google as well as keeping clients happy.

9:54 am August 8th, 2011

You are correct – Google’s treatment of local results has evolved quite far beyond this small test from last year. Today it is Places, Places, Places and sometimes multiple results from the same website in addition. The goal for Google SEO needs to be getting your site in there, somehow, if the search term is important for you. When it comes to many forms of universal or blended search results, including “local”, simply looking at organic rankings is no longer fruitful.

We can bet that Google will continue to experiment and test – because they are focused on whether their visitor likes what they offer, not on whether it seems “fair” to all websmasters. Site owner satisfaction is simply not a metric that Google focuses on.

10:16 pm August 8th, 2011

Hi,Don’t stop blogging! It’s nice to read a sane commentary for once….

11:50 am September 6th, 2011

Well in the last 6 months google have made similar developments in other fields also and now with the release of google plus it is just a matter of time when Google will be adding social results in local searches.
The problem with this approach is google is creating a bubble around us which might not contain the sufficient information.
I hope they know what they are doing as a bad step from a company as big as google can really be terrible

12:06 am October 15th, 2011

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