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omma-sanfran10-300x119 Meet us at OMMA San Francisco!Our CEO Rob Key and Chief Strategist Mike Moran will speak at the prestigious biannual OMMA Global super-conference in San Francisco, scheduled for March 17 and 18, 2010. Register today (it’s free with MediaPost membership) to attend an event with great panels and prestigious speakers that include -amongst others- TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington and GigaOm‘s Om Malik.

Rob Key | Thursday March, 18, 2-2.45 pm | Social Media is the New Online Porn. Now Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Social media has elected our president, become part of most companies’ marketing plan and overtaken porn as the number one activity on the web. And while most companies try to catch up, the landscape is changing faster than your Twitter followers are dropping you (okay, maybe not you). Social media is a quid pro quo game. Unless you’re Apple or Harley Davidson, companies can’t expect their customers to engage without getting them something in exchange. In this panel, 4 social media futurologists discuss how advertisers can take better advantage of this ever-changing space without being dismissed as, well, just advertising.

Mike Moran | Thursday March 18, 11.30 am – 12.15 pm | Is Your Company Spending Too Much on Search?

Search may be the last click for customers who are buying what you have to sell. But that click often comes at the end of the consumer’s online marketing journey — which includes exposure to banners, video ads, mobile messages and various other marketing techniques. Up to now, search has gotten much of the credit — and the budget — for making the sale. Smart search experts, however, recognize they don’t operate in a void, and more of them are studying and reporting how their discipline works in conjunction with other forms of marketing. They believe that by showing you the impact of marketing dollars spent “upstream,” they can accurately address if your company is spending too much or too little on search. Others, however, are not so sure. This panel will discuss the unpredictable effects of search’s evolving upstream approach. Could it be a minefield for the search industry or will search finally step into the role as your strategic adviser? Find out what you have to gain either way.

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