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SMW_logo_newyork_web_wide Social Media Week-The Road from Listening to ActivationNew York was certainly a destination for those in the social media industry this week. There were a host of amazing events during 2010′s Social Media Week making it hard to choose which ones to attend. Converseon was happy to be a part of two of them.

Yesterday, amid crepes, mimosas and business card exchanges, a sold-out crowd of people, ranging from self-proclaimed “social media newbies” to seasoned social media practitioners, descended on Converseon’s headquarters for a morning of listening and of course, conversation.

Rob Key, CEO, kicked off “The Road from Listening to Activation” panel with a reference to an ancient Buddhist proverb (isn’t that how all the events kicked off this week?) “If you see Social Media on the road, kill it” challenging those in this quickly growing industry to think bigger, deeper and broader about the possibilities of the social web.  Rob went on to say that “the Year of the Social Media checklist is over,” (2009) “and that 2010 is the Year of Enterprise Activation.”  How does “Enterprise Activation” happen exactly?  That’s precisely what the panel discussed.

Rob then introduced the panel made up of Jon Burg, Emerging Channels Specialist at Digitas; Craig Daitch, SVP of Activation at Converseon and Andy Von Kennel, SVP, Growth Director at Rapp to discuss the role listening plays in social media activation.  Here are some of the highlights… (Tweet-style per @PaullYoung’s great twitter notes!)
IMG_0221-300x225 Social Media Week-The Road from Listening to Activation

“Most brands think  ‘What can I do on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube?’ not ‘What do people want us to do for them?” @jonburg

“It’s not just about mining conversations, we need to think about & analyze what people are doing with Search” @avthinks

“If I listened (re: traditional methods) to my customers, they’d tell me they wanted a faster horse”  Henry Ford quoted by Rob Key

“Time to stop talking about what social media is, and start talking about what it can do” Rob Key

“A prospective customer doesn’t care what part of the company you’re in – they care about whether you can solve their problem” @cdny

@JonBurg: Just because you have ski poles, doesn’t mean your in the Olympics (Just b/c u have data, a FB Page, Twitter, etc…)

“It’s not the technology that matters, it’s the human intelligence behind it” @cdny
(also echoed by Jeff Doak, CTO of Converseon, in a presentation earlier in the week about the Science of Social re: listening technology and the importance of humans in listening)

“The SM Monitoring technology field is still the Wild West and what most vendors claim to do, they still can’t do” @jonburg

@avkthinks “We were able to use social media with a client to figure price and a new flavor. Social media was used as a means to do market research”

“The connections in social media is like ‘dark matter’ in the universe – we know it’s out there but we can’t quite see it all yet” Rob Key

@cdny: “Agencies look at listening as validation, but often miss the rich context that informs deeper planning”

“The big challenge is taking large volumes of online conversation & dragging out the insights that can inform your business” @jonburg

“Clients are more sophisticated on listening: word clouds & volume don’t cut it” @avthinks

@jonburg: “You can use listening for everything: call center structure, media strategy, product design & naming”

We were also happy to hear that yesterday’s panel “…was the most insightful event of the week” from Dani Klein. Thanks Dani! And thanks Amanda, for sharing your thoughts on yesterday’s panel as well. Sounds like the crepes might have been your favorite part! :)

It would be incredibly difficult to summarize the event not just because so many topics were touched on but because different people take away different things.  For me, I’m passionate about watching industry evolve. Companies that are listening to their consumers, actively listening through some of the amazing technologies available to us today, will emerge triumphant over the next several decades because they’ll have recognized the transformative possibilities for growth when their consumers, through the digital expression of their likes, their wants, their needs; actually determine the future of their business.

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