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In the next two weeks we’ll participate and speak at a couple of important industry events in the US and Europe. Please check them out and, if you’re a participant, make sure you come by and say hi!

Rob Key, CEO, Converseon: Listening 2.0 Activating Social Media Across the Enterprise

logo-arf1 Upcoming conferences in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Copenhagen

The Internet has added new ways for companies to listen, augmenting surveys, focus groups, and other traditional market research. Learn how Web listening is changing, and how you can organize internally in order to discover better insights through listening and take advantage of them to deliver maximum business impact. You’ll also get a sneak peek into what you should expect in the future, so that you’re company is ready.
Mike Moran, Senior Strategist, Converseon: Enterprise Social 2.0 : Rip or ROI?

logo-kgs Upcoming conferences in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Copenhagen

Damage control in social media: discussing effective strategies for turning negative into positive. In the age of web 2.0, unhappy customers visit social networks and blog about their complaints. It is therefore essential for businesses to have a contingency plan on how to minimise the damage done to a brand during a ‘viral outbreak’.

Rob Key, CEO, Converseon: Social Media from the Inside-Out

logo-fdih Upcoming conferences in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Copenhagen

Social media engagement can often be technically simple, but culturally difficult. While much social media discussion revolves around the latest tactic or “viral video,” the most successful social media initiatives are becoming an engine for organizational transformation. This session will focus on best practice approaches being utilized at some of the world’s leading brands to infuse the value of social media across the enterprise – ranging from marketing/communications, R&D, customer service, and more.
Mike Moran, Senior Strategist, Converseon: The Three Keys to International Search Marketing
Lots of companies have products that can be sold outside their home country, but search marketing makes it easier than ever. Focus on what customers want, what content you need to persuade them, and how they can find it – those three keys will give you search marketing success in any country. If you’ve been unsure of whether you have what it takes to market globally, don’t miss this chance to find out.
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