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Last year at this time, I enviously saw every tweet labeled #BWE08 wishing I was a part of one of the year’s largest social media industry conference. This year I’m heading out to not only attend Blog World Expo 2009, but also to speak. This Friday, both our CEO Rob Key and I will be sitting on two panels ranging from the finer points of social media ROI to Ethics and Mommy Blogging (you can guess who is doing which panels, right?)

Here is the line up for our panels:

- The Ethics of Mommy Blogging; Lindsay Lebresco

- ROI Smackdown: New Media vs. Traditional Media Advertising; Rob Key

- How to Work with Big Brands and Not Get Treated Like Just a “Mommy”; Lindsay Lebresco

- Listening 2.0: Activating Social Media Across the Enterprise; Rob Key

Of course there is much else to look forward to. There is an amazing line up of speakers and topics including the panel on “Crisis Communication in the Era of Social Media” most likely to touch on the Domino’s case study  (though this mirrors the panel time for I Can Has Cheezburger which I’d personally love to hear about). There is also a great panel on Social Media Success Stories and who doesn’t want to hear the details behind @ComcastCares from Frank Eliason? (I’ve heard it but you know what, I’ll likely tune in once again)  And “Stimulating Brand Conversations with Women in the Mediasphere” looks good. I wonder if someone from Pepsi will be there?

And like most conferences I attend, the gold doesn’t just come from the conference rooms; it’s at the Tweetups, the dinners, in lines for coffee, while waiting for the bathrooms (yes) and even in the *long* taxi lines. I look forward to learning a lot and meeting some great people (face to face!). Follow my tweets @Converseon #bwe09

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Lindsay, it was great meeting you at BWE09. I really enjoyed the insights you gave us during the “how to work with brands..” panel. Thank you also for being so natural and warm. Eres fantastica!

8:40 pm October 20th, 2009
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