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We are proud to announce that last night we were named the winner of ‘Best Social Media Agency’ at the first ever SAMMY Awards.

The SAMMY Awards, hosted by DigiDay, were planned to reward “overall excellence and breakthrough achievement in Social Advertising, Media and Marketing”. The strength of competition at the awards was shown through our fellow finalists in the best agency category Buddy Media and 360i. We extend congratulations to them for their great work and to the other award winners including Pringles (for their creative banner ad), the New York Yankees, Kellogg Company, Oakley and Jim Beam.

Best Social Media Agency: Converseon - 2009 SAMMY Awards

It is a great validation for us to win this award because we’ve been conducting great work in this space since 2001 (before social was “social”).

Thank yous go out to our team and the Converseon supporters in this space. A very special thank you goes to all our clients – many of whom have been working with us for several years and taking the social media journey alongside us. We hope to further reward your continued partnership with us. We’d also like to thank the judges who recognized that we provide the only complete “end to end” social media solution, matching proprietary Conversation Mining technology with full organizational consulting and award winning engagement services.

We’ve seen the industry change a great deal in our near decade in this space and we know this is just another step in our evolution. Thanks to all who have helped us make this happen.

UPDATE 21 September: Here is a link to a media release announcing the news.

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Suzanne Appel

Wondering if this award was for a specific project or just a general award to the whole company?

2:08 pm September 18th, 2009

Hi Suzanne – it was for the whole company. The criteria included an outline of a handful of client projects, as well as information about our vision, make-up, history etc.

A nice win!

4:48 pm September 18th, 2009

Congratulations to everyone, you are a great team.

9:21 pm September 19th, 2009

I’m not likely to say what everybody else has already said, but I really do wish to touch upon your comprehension of the topic. You’re really well-informed. I cant think just how much of this I merely wasnt conscious of. Thanks for bringing much more info to this topic for me. Im really grateful and truly impressed.

4:36 pm March 16th, 2011

Hi There

Congrats on the hard work for 2009. Social Media is definitely developing very rapidly. I look forward to seeing your future successes

9:52 am July 22nd, 2011

Well done on the award. Any new hardware since 2009? Social media has sure come a long way since.

12:28 am July 26th, 2011
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