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Archive for: February, 2009

twestival-300x88 Support Twestival and charity:water with Social Media

This Thursday the Twitter world is coming together under a single banner: Social Media for Social Good.

The cause? charity:water, a non profit that brings the simple essential of clean fresh water to places and people who don’t have access to it.

The social media? Twestival is collection of events created by twitter users from all over the world. Taken from the idea of tweetups, a gathering of twitter users who meet in real life, Twestival will see over 175 cities around the globe hold these events on February 12 with 100% of money raised going to charity:water.

We at Converseon applaud the mission of Twestival and are active supporters of the NYC event. Our social media strategist Paull Young is a part of the planning committee and wrote this guest post on Mashable that gives some background on the vision of charity:water and New York Twestival’s 20/20/20 vision for the event: Donate $20, Raise $20, and tell 20 friends.

A large contingent of Converseon’s New York office will be attending Thursday’s NYC Twestival, and in support of their 20/20/20 Vision Converseon will be matching all donations from our employees making their donations go twice as far.

How can you Help?

If you’re in NYC you can still buy tickets (currently $40, soon to be $60 and VIP tickets for $100) to attend the fabulous party at M:2 with live music from Eclectic Method – 100% of ticket sales goes directly to charity:water.

In another city? Check the official list to see if yours is one of the 175+ participating cities

To addicted to Twitter to leave your computer? You can donate via TipJoy, it even provides a tweet for you to share with your followers.

Please join us in using social media for social good by supporting Twestival’s astounding global efforts!

Rob will be speaking with Sandra Fathi, President, Affect Strategies on Social Media & Multiple Personality Disorder at SocComm09 on February 10, 2009 at the 3LD Art and Technology Center in New York.

SocComm09 is conference focusing on “Social Communication.”

So what exactly is Social Communication?

Jeff Pulver the founder and director of SocComm has this to say about it:

    “It turns out that Social Communications is a pretty broad term which could mean many things to many people. [The goal of SocComm is] to bring together a gathering of people with a variety of backgrounds and industries and together explore the future of where things are going and what business models will be used to provide the dollar returns needed to get us there. I expect to bring together people from across the worlds of: Media / Internet / Communications / Entertainment. Something I would call a “MICE” event.”

SocComm09 will have a mixture of individual talks, on-stage interviews / conversations and a number of “group chat” sessions. Including sessions with Jeff Jarvis, Chris Brogan, and others.

If you are interested in attending you can register here.