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Update: On January 27, 2009 Rob and Mike will be headed out to San Francisco to share their research insights with the West Coast ARF.   If you would like to attend for a discounted rate, head over to the ARF site and put in the Converseon code: LISTEN2009C.  Hope to see you there.


Today our CEO Rob Key, chief strategist Mike Moran and director of social media strategy Constantin Basturea will be attending and presenting at the 2008 ARF Industry Leader Forum at the New York Athletic Club.

Converseon is proud to play a leading role in such a significant event with industry leaders tackling the important topic ‘Transforming Research, Are You Listening?’. Research and listening strike to the core of our business at Converseon through our Conversation Mining technology and our team looks forward to sharing and learning from such an intelligent group.

The event’s website does a great job of outlining the objectives of the forum:

On July 15, 2008, magic happened at the ARF.  A meeting of industry thought leaders was convened, rather innocently, to discuss a subject growing in importance for marketers. That subject was “listening” to the millions of organic online conversations that go on each day among consumers about brands, companies, products and services.

The 15 industry leaders that participated reflected the importance of the topic. They included leaders from P&G, General Mills, Nielsen, ESPN, Millward Brown, Unilever, Avenue A Razorfish, Digitas and others.

The day began with an exploration of new tools to enable intelligent listening and the application of the insights gleaned, but the group realized that they were onto something much bigger than a new toolkit. In fact, they were onto an organizational transformation built around the concept of listening – a new vision for the research function.

The group heard comments like “research as we know it will be on life support by 2012”…”80% of research is about testing and validation and much of that is wasted”…”research can code the meaning out of a response”…

This Industry Leader Forum will open up the discussion of this topic to another 100 invited industry leaders. The day will include a keynote address from Kim Dedeker of P&G; listening case histories from General Mills and Unilever; and breakout sessions focused on the how to leverage listening to build your brand including topics like:

  • How to listen
  • How to be sure that what you are hearing can be acted upon with confidence
  • How to measure the impact of the action you take based on your listening insights.

Rob and Mike will be leading a breakout session entitled ‘Creating a Listening Organization’ in the afternoon, if you’re in attendance it should be a great one to attend. If you’re not an invited guest at the event you can follow both our Converseon and Mike Moran’s Twitter streams for updates.

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