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We are proud to announce that Mike Moran, our Chief Strategist has done it again. This month he and co-writer Bill Hunt published the second edition of Search Engine Marketing, Inc which you can purchase on Amazon here.

The second edition edition of Mike’s highly regarded book address some of the changes seen in the search industry in the last few years along with increased focus on social media. Already, the book is on the Top Ten List for retailing books by Amazon.com and has received good press and dozens of positive reviews

This week, our Fall intern, Lindsey Loughman, sat down with Mike to get his input on the book, the future of search and his role here at Converseon:

If you like to skip ahead to a particular question (although we recommend the entire interview), here are the show notes:

0:00 Intro
0:12 What is the Book About?
1:30 What Updates are in the New Book?
3:44 Who Will Get the Most Out of the Book?
5:00 Why is Search Important ?
6:35 What is the Future of Search Marketing?
8:51 How Are You Using Search at Converseon?

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[...] at Converseon, Lindsey Loughman, sat down with me at our Manhattan office to quiz me on the second edition of Search Engine Marketing, Inc., which is just now showing up in stores. It’s just 10 minutes long, so I hope you’ll [...]

5:36 pm January 15th, 2016
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