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The Converseon team is in mass conference mode this week as CEO Rob Key, Constantin Basturea and Paull Young each appear at leading online communications conferences around the USA. Details follow, if you will be attending any of these events please be sure to seek us out.

SMX ‘Master Social Media Marketing’ Conference– Rob Key Promotes Social Media Evangelism

Location: Long Beach, CA
When: April 22-23 (Rob’s panel is on Wednesday April 23 from 10:40am-12:00pm)

Rob Key will speak on the ‘Evangelist – The Marketer’s Role in SMM’ panel discussing the importance of evangelizing social media as an active participant in online communities in order to truly succeed in social media marketing. The session will also provide tips on how to authentically engage in online communities.

SNCR New Communications Forum – Constantin Basturea Looks to the Future of Public Relations

Location: Sonoma County, CA
When: April 22-25

Converseon has long been a proud supporter of the Society for New Communications Research as it is one of the most forward thinking organizations focusing on the rise of social media. Converseon director of social media and SNCR Fellow Constantin Basturea will be appearing alongside Brian Solis and Darren Barefoot on a panel entitled ‘Detour Ahead: Closing the Road to PR 3.0′.

Authentic Communications Conference – Paull Young Discusses New Methods to Measure Communications ROI

Location: CUNY Graduate Center, New York
When: Thursday, April 24 (Paull’s panel is from 1.30-2.15)

The Authentic Communications conference’s tagline is ‘Beyond Web 2.0’ and it aims to ‘bring together the best minds in the industry to showcase and explore success, failures and discuss how the industry can make sense of and take advantage of the rapidly changing environment facing us‘. Paull Young will be moderating a panel on measurement and ROI featuring Allison Murphy from PR Newswire, Kirsten Osolind of Re:Invention and Edelman’s Steve Rubel.

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Converseon Blog – Join the conversation. – Converseon Conferences: SMX ‘Master SMM’, New Comm Forum, Authentic Communications

12:37 pm March 19th, 2014

Converseon Blog – Join the conversation. – Converseon Conferences: SMX ‘Master SMM’, New Comm Forum, Authentic Communications

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