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Thanks to Thanksgiving and the yearly mad rush for Black Friday we’ve got some catching up to do with the Friday Link List. We’ve got a diverse selection for your perusal this week. Or if you don’t feel like reading, just click through to Free Rice to see a simple yet powerful concept executed with aplomb online.

Coming Soon: A Small Move By Facebook With Big Implications

it’ll be interesting to see how this develops.  if applications start appearing in the indices, you better believe that EVERY programmer, marketer, and trend-follower will jump on the bandwagon, and start releasing new apps with fervor.

Attention? I Don’t Want Your Freakin’ Attention!

This imaginary conversation between consumer & ‘consumer relations’ cuts to the very core of why Converseon exists and what we’re trying to achieve each and every day.

I’m a Faux Social Media Expert: Hear Me Roar!

Canadian Colin McKay’s post highlights the roadblocks social media evangelists will face. To truly succeed with social media it is essential for companies (which really means the people within them) to embrace change and innovation. Say “Yes, how?” not “No, too hard.”

Digg: Hilarious ‘Don’t Give Up On Vista’ Ad From Apple

3,663 Diggs for an Apple commercial indicates how consumer evangelists can spread your message widely online – if you provide them with compelling content.

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