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If you live anywhere near Athens, Georgia and you’re into social media you should be attending the CONNECT social media and PR conference on October 19-20.

Organized by UGA’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, the CONNECT conference will feature some great speakers alongside Converseon’s Constantin Basturea and yours truly. Constantin will feature on a panel on ‘what professionals/educators should know’ about social media, while I will be presenting a case study on the group blog Forward that I’ve been involved with since its inception. In addition we will also run some breakout sessions on Second Life, podcasting and the social media news release.
Some good friends of Converseon are also attending with Kevin Dugan delivering the keynote address and Josh Hallet joining Constantin’s panel. The full agenda is here while during the conference you’ll be able to keep up with all that is happening through the conference blog, Twitter feed and Flickr photos.

UGA Connect Conference

Connect Public Relations and Social Media Conference


Constantin Basturea, Converseon

Paull Young, Converseon

Kevin Dugan, FRCH Design Worldwide

Josh Hallet, Voce

Katie Paine, KD Paine and Partners

Jay Berndhardt, Centers for Disease Control

Many more…

Friday October 19 – Saturday October 20

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

University of Georgia, Athens

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