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Google Updates Algorithm to Make Searches Mobile-Friendly

Google’s latest algorithm update, termed “Mobilegeddon” by tech writers, launched this week. An increase in the number of mobile users is increasing the rate of mobile searches as well. To tackle this challenge, Google announced, in February, that it will update its algorithm making the mobile-friendly web pages to feature higher in the search results. Alternatively, web pages that are not mobile-friendly will be pushed down, which might result in a loss of traffic for them. This algorithm will only impact searches made on smartphones. Many small business and some big hitters, like the Drugstore.com and the Department of Homeland Security, that do not have mobile-friendly websites can see a significant fall in traffic. This can specially impact businesses that rely on Google search for referrals. One great thing is that as soon as the websites or web pages turn mobile-friendly, they will again show up better during mobile searches.

What do you think about this update from Google?

To know more visit Google or check out this NPR article.

blog-8-Google-Algorithm Google’s Mobilegeddon, Twitter’s New Homepage, and More

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Twitter Refreshes its Homepage

Twitter rolls out a new homepage in the U.S. in an attempt to attract logged-out users. According to the company, many people visit the homepage of Twitter every month, but do not log-in. This new homepage will give its existing users the push to sign in, and, may be, even expand its audience base. Also, users who do not want to log in, but still want to know what’s happening on the platform can just go to the homepage and explore from a variety of topics including politics, pop artists, and cute animals.  Clicking on a topic will open relevant tweets and the most popular accounts pertaining to that topic. This informative and entertaining new look of Twitter will slowly expand to users outside the United States. The company plans to roll out even more features to keep its users interested and informed.

Have you checked-out Twitter’s new homepage? What do you think about it?

Learn more from Twitter.

blog-7-Twitter-new-homepage Google’s Mobilegeddon, Twitter’s New Homepage, and More

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Digital Contact Sharing App, BridgeX, Launches

Sharing contact information is revolutionizing and soon digital contact sharing might replace the traditional business cards. BridgeX, a digital contact sharing app, launches for iOS and Android users. Using this app, you can customize and create multiple cards for different audiences. You can insert basic contact details and also your social media information. For sharing, you can use the app to find nearby people or send the card(s) via text messages. The app also enables you to add others as friends. This feature comes in handy when you update your card and all your BridgeX contacts receive it in real-time.

Have you shared your contact information using BridgeX yet? Tell us about your experience.

Learn more from BridgeX or read this Adweek article.

blog-9-BridgeX-App Google’s Mobilegeddon, Twitter’s New Homepage, and More

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Want to know more about us? Connect with us on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Goal Sharing App, Linkagoal, Launches

A social network that helps you achieve your goals is finally here – Linkagoal. This inspirational app encourages users to share their goals, connect with like-minded people, and also receive guidance from industry experts and friends. With over 800,000 users already using this platform since 2014, before its official launch, the company plans to add more features to enhance the overall experience of crowdsourcing to achieve personal goals. With Linkagoal, users can add their goals into the system under varied categories and also browse through these categories to read, like, comment, or even suggest success steps for the achievement of a particular goal.

Have you shared your goal on Linkagoal? Tell us about your experience.

Blog-4-pic-Linkagoal Latest Social Apps and Skype for Business

Photo credit.

To know more, visit Linkagoal or check out this Adweek article.

You can download the app from your Play Store or App Store today.


LinkedIn Introduces Elevate to Enhance Content Sharing

LinkedIn launches content sharing app, Elevate. The app allows companies and employees to curate, seamlessly share, schedule, and measure the impact of the content shared online. This ultimately influences potential employees, prospects, customers, and industry influencers.

According to LinkedIn’s research, many professionals and organizations share content online to attract talent and promote their brands. Companies, usually, empower only a few employees when it comes to managing the brand’s social presence. This leads to decreased content-sharing by the other employees, for example, only two percent of the employees re-share company-related content on LinkedIn. But because employees are potential brand champions, their value can be better utilized if companies encourage them to use Elevate to re-share content on Twitter and LinkedIn. This can increase brand visibility while also enhancing employees’ individual social networks. Presently, the app is available via invite-only basis and is expected to be generally available by July 2015.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn Elevate?

Blog-5-pic-LinkedIn-Elevate-edited Latest Social Apps and Skype for Business

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Learn more about it from LinkedIn.


Microsoft Launches Skype for Business

Microsoft launches its communications and collaboration platform, Skype for Business, for Office 2013 and Office 365 users worldwide. This platform replaces Microsoft Lync. Office 365 customers using Lync Online will be automatically updated to Skype for Business Online by May 2015. To facilitate easy transition, Microsoft will allow administrators to switch between the traditional Lync user and Skype for Business interface. Along with enterprise-grade security, the new platform will provide features including presence, voice and video calls, instant messaging (IM), and online meetings.

What are your thoughts about the new Skype for Business?

Blog-6-pic-Skype-for-Business Latest Social Apps and Skype for Business

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To know more, visit Skype for Business or check out this VentureBeat article.


Suggested Reading

Social Data is Predictive! Now What? – Latest article by our CEO, Rob Key.


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Facebook Makes Video Sharing Collaborative with Riff

Facebook recently launched a video app called Riff that lets you create videos with your friends in a single string. Inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, this app allows you to capture a video and then forward it to your friends (contributors) instructing them what they need to share. The contributors can then add their clip to the end of the video, which the original creators can delete if they find any of them inappropriate or uninteresting. The video can be uploaded to Facebook or anywhere on the internet. Once uploaded on Facebook, the contributors are tagged automatically. In true social media video fashion, the total duration of the video can only be 20 seconds. This is the latest project by the Creative Labs of Facebook to increase video engagement.

Riff-pic Latest News from Facebook and Amazon

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You can download the app from your Play Store or App Store today to begin sharing video stories with your family and friends.

To know more about Riff, visit the Facebook news release

To learn the rules for using Riff, here.

What are your thoughts on Riff?


WhatsApp Introduces Calling Feature

Facebook’s WhatsApp introduces a free calling feature for its users. With over 470 million users worldwide, it is estimated that this company erased $33 billion in SMS revenue from wireless operators in 2014. The introduction of the free calling feature is yet another major attempt by Facebook to tap into the phone industry. The feature is already available for Android users and will soon become available for Windows and iOS users. Competition from services like Skype and Viber is putting pressure on communication carriers, and some of them, like Verizon and T-Mobile, are already taking steps to manage this change.

Whats-App Latest News from Facebook and Amazon

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To know more, check out this Forbes article

To download WhatsApp calling feature on your Android, here.

Have you made a WhatsApp call? Tell us about your experience.


Automated Shopping with Amazon’s Dash Button

“Place it. Press it. Get it.” This is Amazon’s claim for its recently launched Dash Button, a device that allows you to automate your shopping so you never run out of supplies at your home.

We’ve all forgotten to buy a needed item at the store or online, only to be reminded that you’re out when it’s too late.  The Dash Button will hopefully eliminate this problem. It is a small button that you can hang, stick, or place anywhere you want. Simply press the button when you are running low on a product, and Amazon will deliver it at your doorstep. This button connects to your Amazon account and once you press it, you receive a confirmation for your order. You can then confirm or cancel your order within half an hour. This is an especially helpful feature for parents with button-happy kids running around the house.

Shopping for various popular brands is available through the Dash Button, including Bounty, Gatorade, Huggies, Clorox, Olay, Tide, Cottonelle, and many more. Also, Amazon is attempting to add more and more of your favorite brands to the list.

Amazon Prime members based in the United States can request an invite to receive up to three free Dash Buttons. Go grab your free Dash Buttons and never miss your favorite household items when you need them the most.

Now that we are getting more and more used to getting what we want nearly the second we want them, what does this mean for your website?  Your social content? Your sales funnel?  Let us know what you think features like this will mean for you as both a business and as a consumer.

Amazon Latest News from Facebook and Amazon

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To know more, visit Amazon or check out this WSJ article

Amazon Prime members can view the offer to avail free Dash Buttons here.

Sneak Peek of Facebook Messenger Apps:

Facebook has been investing more and more in the future of the messenger app.  Last week we talked about the ability to send money and contact business pages through the app.  Here’s one more feature to add to the roster of capabilities – during the company’s F8 Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that partners’ apps can integrate with Messenger.

Here’s a peak at Bitmoji for Messenger:

bitmoji Facebook Messenger Apps and Multiple Twitter Updates

For more, check out Mashable’s full list


Promoted Tweets on Profile Pages:

Twitter is making it harder and harder to avoid promoted tweets.  As we mentioned in a previous blog post, promoted tweets will soon be available across platforms (e.g. on Flipboard).  Based on a new announcement, they are now experimenting with making promoted tweets visible on profile pages.   Perhaps this will get them one step closer to their targeted $14 billion revenue in 2024.

More in this Mashable article


Twitter Launches Curator:

Watch out, Storify, Twitter just launched its owned product that allows media organizations, publishers and broadcaster to identify, filter and display tweets and Vines on any screen in real time.

Here’s an example of what the tool could look like, simultaneously displaying a live stream of a speech and live tweets:

Twitter-curator Facebook Messenger Apps and Multiple Twitter Updates

For move, visit this TechCrunch article


Twitter Partners with Rhapsody:

Through the Twitter app, you can now stream full length songs for free.  The feature uses Twitter’s audio cards and any can listen, even those without a Rhapsody subscription:

twitter-audio-640x570 Facebook Messenger Apps and Multiple Twitter Updates

For more, visit this Mashable’s article

You Can Now Embed Facebook Videos on Websites:

On multiple occasions we have wanted to embed Facebook videos on the Converseon blog and we frustratingly could not.  Well good news for us – and maybe you, too – Facebook videos can now be embedded like YouTube videos are.

Check out this Mashable article for more

Facebook Allows You to Message Businesses through Messenger App:

Get ready Facebook community managers, users can now message businesses through the messenger app.  Users can also share images and locations over messenger, which could potentially allow for faster and better service.

FB-customer-service Facebook Updates, New YouTube Cards & Celebrities First Tweets

For more, see this TechCrunch article

YouTube Introduces Cards:

YouTube annotations are great for giving users calls to action, like “subscribe” or “watch more”, but they unfortunately don’t work on mobile.  Now with video cards, they do.  Think of it as an evolution of annotations – they work across devices and come in multiple formats:

YT Facebook Updates, New YouTube Cards & Celebrities First Tweets

For more, visit the YouTube Blog

Celebrities’ Very First Tweets:

Do you remember your first tweet?  Well thanks to this Huff Post Entertainment article, you can take a walk down memory lane and see some celebrities’ firsts.  Some are funny.  And some are just strange.  But overall, it should provide you with some entertainment this Friday.

First-tweet Facebook Updates, New YouTube Cards & Celebrities First Tweets

Facebook to Introduce Free Payments Through Messages:

Look out Venmo and PayPal, Facebook just launched an easy (and free) way to send money to your friends through the Facebook messenger app.  Facebook is not new to transactions – in fact it processes over 1 million payments a day through its ads and games platforms.  A rep says Facebook’s not looking to monetize payments, but instead make messenger an even more useful tool for Facebook users.

Check out this demo to see how it will work:

More in this TechCrunch article


Facebook Providing Advertisers with Big Data

Facebook has been notoriously private with its user data.  They just announced that through select partners, they will be scanning through your status updates and providing that information to brands.  They are very much stressing that this is totally privacy-friendly.

FB-data-pic Friend to Friend Payments over Facebook, Facebook User Data Becomes More Available & More

More information available in this Mashable article


Best Practice for Social Media Best Practices

We absolutely agree with this article.  There are so many best practices and tips for driving social engagement floating around – tweet during commute times, make sure you have a call to action, include an image in your Facebook posts – that it’s hard to know which to believe.  Some of these best practices do prove to be true time and time again for most of our clients; however, not all brands and not all social channels are created equal.  You should run multiple tests to see how and when to best engage with your audiences.  But remember, it’s only a true test if you actually go back and measure the performance.  If you say “let’s go ahead and try a tweet on a Sunday evening”, then make sure you go back and see how that Sunday tweet performed compared to your averages.

More info from this Social Media Today article


Social on an Apple Watch

At first, people found it hard to believe that anyone could watch video on a screen as small as an iPhone.  But what will social media look like on an Apple watch?  This TechCrunch article has some demos of what Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will look on the 38 or 42 mm screen:

apple-watch-event0304-300x199 Friend to Friend Payments over Facebook, Facebook User Data Becomes More Available & More


What Happens in 35 Days?

Pop Quiz: What was Angry Birds able to do in 35 days that took the telephone 75 years to do?

The answer: Reach 50 million users.

techspread Friend to Friend Payments over Facebook, Facebook User Data Becomes More Available & More

With adaption to technology happening faster than ever, what does this mean for the growth of your start up?  Or more importantly, how quickly will the next best thing come along and take your share of market?

This WSJ article provides an interesting perspective.

rethink Are you going to Re:Think 2015?Converseon will be at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2015 Conference from March 16 – 18 at the New York Hilton in NYC. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll have a presence at the exhibition hall, with Converseon staff ready to walk you through our reporting and services, as well as demos of Conversus, our proprietary text analytics software.

Our CEO, Rob Key, and VP/Partner of Business Insights and Consulting, Erin Tavgac will be presenting at 4pm in Sutton South, 2nd Floor on how, “Social Intelligence is Now Predictive! Now What?”. Please join Rob and Erin for a spirited discussion on how all of this data your collecting is already telling you what’s going to happen next.

Should you go to Re:Think? (from the Re:Think 2015 website)

  • If you are grappling with how to drive overall marketing performance measurement and ROI …
  • If you are seeking research on how advertising works in a multi-platform world …
  • If you are dedicated to empowering the researcher of tomorrow to inform strategy and deliver results …
  • If you want to rethink and reinvent yourself, your team and your contributions

At Re:Think 2015, Re:Think 2015: Where Leaders Ignite Growth, hear best practices around how and when to measure performance. See the results between the best and rest. Share your greatest needs and leave with an actual task list ready to implement back at the office.

Register for Re:Thing 2015 here.

Have any questions? Ping us on Twitter or Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you all at Re:Think 2015.

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Instagram Now Offers Clickable Ads

Until now, ads on Instagram weren’t clickable, which meant users could not directly purchase, sign up or learn more about the advertised product.  Instagram just announced that clickable ads are here in the form of a carousel, allowing users to swipe through multiple images before ultimately landing on the link.  Example of the scrolling feature:

Instagram Instagram Ads Now Clickable, Reddit Donates to Charity, Facebook Pushes for Paid Viewed Impressions, and Millennial Data

This new feature opens Instagram up as a potential channel for brands looking to drive more than awareness.  But before you add it to your media plan, remember to build in some time for the Instagram CEO to review and approve your ad before it can go live.

For more: TechCrunch’s article


Reddit Donates 10% of Ad Revenue to Charity:

reddit Instagram Ads Now Clickable, Reddit Donates to Charity, Facebook Pushes for Paid Viewed Impressions, and Millennial Data

Reddit has done a tremendous job over the years fostering a true sense of (anonymous) community.  Whether you can’t wait to discuss a new video games, want to check out cute kitten pics or are ready to enter into a political debate, there’s a subreddit waiting for you.

The platform has stuck to his promise of donating 10% of its 2014 ad revenue (nearly $8.3 million) to charity.  In true communal form, redditors have voted for the 10 charities who will receive the donation.  The top three charities are Electronic Frontier Foundation, Planned Parenthood and Doctors Without Borders (USA).

For more: TechCrunch’s article about the donation and List of Winners


Facebook Says Advertisers Should Only Pay For Ads That Actually Get Seen

Brands have become increasingly annoyed with Facebook’s ever tightening algorithm, which has now made it nearly impossible for a company’s organic posts to be seen by its followers.  But there’s one thing Facebook does that advertising companies can’t argue with: they feel strongly and are pushing for the industry towards the concept of paid viewed impressions versus paid served impressions.

Now that’s an idea that should leave digital marketers happy.

FB Instagram Ads Now Clickable, Reddit Donates to Charity, Facebook Pushes for Paid Viewed Impressions, and Millennial Data

For more: TechCrunch’s article


Informative Data on Millennials:

The Millennial generation is the largest in US history and are quickly approaching their prime working and spending years.  If you are marketing to consumers born between 1980-2000 (which you likely are), take a look at this study and infographic from Goldman Sachs.  It has information ranging from when millennials are marrying, to their affinity for technology, to how dedicated they are to wellness.   Some of our favorite points:

  • 34% of 18-35 year olds turn to their online networks for making purchasing decisions (v. 16% of 35 years and older)
  • 38% of Millennials will post on social media to share with others their thoughts on a service, product or brand (v. 11% of boomers)
  • 57% of millennials compare prices in store

Goldman-infographic-1024x680 Instagram Ads Now Clickable, Reddit Donates to Charity, Facebook Pushes for Paid Viewed Impressions, and Millennial Data

For the full report, see Goldman Sach’s: Millennials Coming of Age

Data – you have to love it.  Especially when Twitter, Facebook and Google visualize it so well.  These platforms show us exactly what went on during the Oscars:

Overall, viewership and Twitter chatter declined, but Facebook discussions grew:

There were 16% fewer viewers this year and a shockingly 47% decrease in tweets to just 5.9 million.  Perhaps there were less tweetable moments this year (the famous selfie last year sparked an astonishing 3.3 million retweets alone), but Facebook users found even more to chat about this year.  Facebook posts and activity grew 129%, reaching 58 million.

Read more and check out a great video showing the Facebook chatter in this Business Insider article

See when movies were discussed on Twitter:

Although there was a dip from last year, there was still plenty of buzz.  Twitter created a minute by minute chart of when the nominated films were discussed on Twitter throughout the ceremony:

Twitter-Oscar-Graph-1024x543 What happened in social and online during the Oscars?

Go here to replay the race and to interact with the data.

Google Data:

Google has also released data on search inquiries throughout the ceremony along with some notable facts.  The report shows that mobile is still king and people will watch hours upon hours of awards coverage long after the big event, giving brands the opportunity to shine for months after.

Google-Oscar-Graph-1024x543 What happened in social and online during the Oscars?

Check out Google’s full report here

Who won?

So which brand took home the trophy?  Lego has been doing a tremendous job in social this year (check out this Social Baker article for more).

Any brand that can make Oprah this elated must be doing something right:

Oprah What happened in social and online during the Oscars?

For some of the best Oprah-related tweets of the evening, read this USA Today post.

smw-new-york Converseon at Social Media Week New York!Erin Tavgac, our Partner who leads the Consulting and Insights Group, will be participating on today’s “THE ROI OF WOM: A FIRST LOOK AT “WOMMA’S RETURN ON WOM” BRAND DATA STUDY” panel, at 9:30am at Highline Stages – EXPLORE, 441 West 14th Street
New York. This panel centers on a study we developed for WOMMA, which answers the following questions:

  • How much of a brand’s sales are driven by WOM?
  • Does WOM amplify marketing and, if so, by how much?
  • How do the impacts of online and offline WOM compare?
  • What are the best practices for including WOM in marketing mix models?
  • How do WOM and paid impression compare in their power to drive sales?

Erin will also be participating in Thursday’s Brandwatch event, “TAKE COMMAND OF YOUR DATA: HOW TO STRATEGICALLY USE SOCIAL LISTENING IN BUSINESS” from 10:30am to 12:30 pm also at Highline Stages – EXPLORE, 441 West 14th Street, New York. Erin will be leading the Q&A section on Making Sense of Sentiment. This discussion will focus on evaluating which social insights are perceived as useful, or even credible. Over the past year, a critical eye was cast on the validity and nuances of sentiment analysis, specifically in the social data arena. In the final segment of this event, Erin Tavgac from leading social strategy and analytics company Converseon, aims to clear up some of the confusion surrounding sentiment analysis.

Hope to see you there!

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